People for Change takes notice on gay marriage

Email sent from People for Change to members

When the Maryland State Senate takes up the Same Sex Marriage Bill in the next few days, they will also have the attention of one of Prince George’s County’s most active civic groups.

In an email sent out today by People for Change, Sandy Pruitt called her members attention to the issue but stopped just short of backing an effort to defeat the bill.


Full Letter from People for Change-

Hello All,

Our legislators have introduced a bill in the Senate SB116 and the House HB55 that will make Maryland the 6th state to redefine marriage.  That means, marriage will now be between a man and man, a woman and woman, or a man and woman.

Sponsors of the senate bill SB116 from Prince George’s County are two Senators Victor Ramirez (47th Dist) and Paul Pinsky (22nd Dist).

Sponsors of the house bill HB55 from Prince George’s County are 5 Delegates Jolene Ivey, Michael Summers (Dist 47), James Hubbard (Dist 23a), Kris Valderrama (Dist. 26), and Ben Barnes (Dist 21)

If you are concerned, you should contact your legislators in Annapolis and let your voice be heard loud and clear.  This will be a big step in making this a law in the State of Maryland.

You may also want to check with your church to see where they stand on this issue.

The Judiciary Committee on the Senate side will take a vote on this bill on February 8, 2011.  Their names are listed below.  What is interesting is that 6 members of the Judiciary Committee who get to vote are also sponsors of this bill.  So the deck is being stacked!

Judiciary Committee members you can contact or e-mail about this bill.

Appointed by Senate President:
Brian E. Frosh, Chair (410) 841-3124, (301) 858-3124
Lisa A. Gladden, Vice-Chair (410) 841-3697, (301) 858-3697

Sandy Pruitt
Leader, People for Change