BREAKING: Anthony Muse booted from Senate Finance Committee to advance O’Malley wind power bill

State Senator C. Anthony Muse

State Senator C. Anthony Muse

For the last two years Governor Martin O’Malley has pushed the General Assembly to pass a wind power bill. That bill has been stalled in the State Senate in the Senate Finance Committee.That could have come to an end today with the announcement that Senate President Mike Miller will remove one of the biggest hurdles to committee approval.  State Senator Anthony C. Muse (D- Prince George’s), who was placed on the Finance Committee after being moved from the Judicial Proceedings Committee to allow for the same-sex marriage bill to pass, will go back to that committee and leave the Finance Committee. In announcing the move Senator Miller said he believed that making that move will allow the bill, which has been locked in committee for years, to finally come to the floor and be discussed by the full body. Miller also said that Muse being on the Judicial Proceedings Committee could help that body finally act on another priority of Governor O’Malley’s, repealing the death penalty. Muse will be replaced by fellow Prince Georgian Victor Ramirez who represents the 47th legislative district.

Read more from the Washington Post.

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