Sincere thank you and farewell

On December 12, 2010 a group of Democrats, Republicans, and independents from all over Prince George’s County came together to write a blog about our county by people who live in this county. Over two years we have written about great successes of our county, covered times of concern, and pushed for a better county. This week however that will come to an end. Our Editorial Board has decided to end our publication.

We love this county and as individuals are pumped to continue pushing to make our community better.

3 thoughts on “Sincere thank you and farewell

  1. I’m sincerely grateful for the writing the team has done, and sorry to hear you are halting publication. I hope all of you will continue to be active — even if you take a collective breather to refresh — because it really does take all of us thinking and working to make things better. We are greater, together.

  2. Sad to see you guys go. It’s hard to find a news site dedicated to local county issues. The big papers only give shallow coverage of local news. Hopefully you all stay active in other ways. God Bless!

  3. WHAAAAT?!!! This is Ceemac from PGC Blog. WHY are you stopping? Urrrrgh!!!!! Yours was the first Prince George’s focused blog I found that wasn’t full of dead links and crime stories. Please reconsider. I know it’s hard, especially when/if you have a day job like me but please don’t leave.

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