LATE BREAKING: PGCPS Board of Education terminates CFO and General Counsel

Thursday the Prince George’s County Board of Education moved to fire two holdovers from former superintendent Dr. Hite’s cabinet, CFO Matthew Stanski and Chief Legal Advisor/General Counsel Roger Thomas. According to sources the board was informed that after former HR chief Synthia Shilling resigned her post before facing charges of hitting and running from the scene of an accident in July, Stanski approved a six figure check as severance pay without the approval of the board. The resignations of Stanski and Thomas leave the school system with two more vacancies at a time when the board is struggling to fill roles already left open after Dr. Hite and his deputy Dr. Coleman-Potter departed this summer for other positions. In addition to searching for a new superintendent, deputy superintendent, now CFO, Chief Legal Counsel, and human resources head, the board also has a vacancy in the office of Student Services after the former chief resigned at the end of the summer as well. Oretha Bridgwaters-Simms, who recently retired from the system was named Acting Chief of Student Services. In the Office of the General Counsel alone now two of the four positions are now vacant. “They have to face the music, get from behind the closed door, and inform the public just what they are doing to fill these important posts,” said a source who works for the central office but asked not to be identified.

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One thought on “LATE BREAKING: PGCPS Board of Education terminates CFO and General Counsel

  1. What malfeasance,misconception,misappropriation of funds,missed legal brief and missed looking out for the taxpayers aka bosses did Roger Thomas,Legal Counsel commit.I KNOW he missed something and that is why he is terminated and the bosses aka the public needs to know since he no longer works for the Manzi private law firm and he did collect a salary from the Pee Gee taxpayers.

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