Delegate Tiffany Alston’s suspended by the Maryland Bar

Delegate Tiffany Alston (D-Prince George’s)

Delegate Tiffany Alston, who has been fighting a legal battle against charges she used campaign funds to pay for her wedding, was stripped of her bar license by the Maryland Court of Appeals today. In a ruling today the court upheld the ruling from a lower court that said Alston expedited “repeated lack of cooperation and the continual habit of lateness, non-responsiveness, and dilatory practices.” The ruling was in response to charges she faced for mismanagement of funds dealing with one of her clients. After a complaint Alston was ordered to pay that client $5,000, about half of what she was paid. According to court documents she has yet to do so.

Earlier this year Alston was found guilty of using money for her official office to pay a staff member working in her law firm. The judge in that case postponed sentencing until after her final trail on the campaign funding case. Following sentencing it is likely Alston will be removed from her seat in the House of Delegates she was elected to in 2010.

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One thought on “Delegate Tiffany Alston’s suspended by the Maryland Bar

  1. I’m saddened to hear this news ~ so many years of study and sacrifice ~ to earn licensure as a legal representative ~ gone. Her future is now uncertain. I’m saddened for her and her family. She needs prayer.

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