Setting the record straight

Last week we published a story that was actually written much earlier about the focus the Prince George’s County Council would have this week on health. Issues around improving the access to quality health care has been a top concern of many in the county, so we were naturally very impressed to see our elected officials discussing it. unfortunately our story contained a number of significant errors. When we noticed them we wanted to fix them as soon as possible, but it was only Saturday that I received power back to my home. That is no excuse and on behalf of this blog, I apologize.

Tonight the members of the Prince George’s County Council, sitting as the Board of Health will convene a town hall on health at Harmony Hall in southern county. Dr. Joseph Wright, a consultant to the Board of Health will moderate the panel that includes Acting Health Officer Ms. Creekmur, Deputy Health Officer Dr. Ernest Carter and Deputy Health Officer Elana Belon-Butler. Some have pointed out that Ms. Creekmur is not a MD but a nurse and that is correct, but was not reported as such in our original post. They will also be joined by Dimensions Healthcare President/CEO Neil Moore and Chief Medical Officer Dr. Carnell Cooper.

Tomorrow the County Council will meet to review the nomination of Ms. Creekmur as Health Officer, the post she has acted in since Executive Rushern Baker named her last year. This was also mistakenly reported to occur today. That hearing will be tomorrow, Tuesday, July 10th at 10AM. This is a public hearing so anyone interested in testifying should contact the Clerk of the Council.

For about two years we have attempted to share with our community news about the events and issues impacting Prince George’s County. We normally get it right. On this issue we got it wrong. We apologize and will work to be better. Finally some who saw the previous inaccurate report blamed council staff and members of the county administration for “purposefully spreading false information”, that was not the case. The error in our blog is ours alone and should not be placed on the Executive, County Council, our the Department of Health.


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