PG Council to focus on health Monday July 9th

On Monday the Prince George’s County Council will be the Board of Health for most of the day. Starting at 10AM the body will meet as the council for a public hearing on Executive Rushern Baker’s nominee to be the next Health Officer. Dr. Pamela Creekmur has been serving as Acting Health Officer since Baker replaced the former head who was appointed under Jack Johnson earlier this year. That hearing will take place at the County Administrative Building in Upper Marlboro.

Individuals wishing to testify will need to sign up with the Council Clerk before the hearing.

Later that same day Dr. Creekmur will be joined by two of her deputies Dr. Ernest Carter and Elana Butler for a town hall on health in the county. The town hall will be moderated by Dr. Joseph Wright, Senior Vice President of Children’s National Medical Center. Built as a “comprehensive community conversation about the state of healthcare in Prince George’s County,” the trio of health officers will be joined by Neil Moore, President/CEO of Dimensions Health Care and Dr. Carnell Cooper, the Chief Medical Officer for Dimensions. Dimensions is the system that operates the Prince George’s Health Care centers.

This event will take place on Monday July 9th at 7PM at Harmony Hall in Fort Washington.

Monday, July 9th

7:00PM – 9:00PM

Harmony Hall
Regional Center
10701 Livingston Road
Fort Washington, MD 20744

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3 thoughts on “PG Council to focus on health Monday July 9th

  1. There are some inaccuracies in your report surrounding the credential of Mrs. Creekmur, please correct your reporting.

  2. The information reported in your July 5th blog, “PG Council to focus on health Monday, July 9th,” contains several errors. While we appreciate your efforts to inform your readers about County Council activities, I respectfully request you remove the inaccurate posted blog immediately, and provide the correct information .

    On Monday, July 9th at 1:00 p.m., the County Council will convene as the District Council, considering land use matters.

    The County Council, as the Board of Health, will host a Town Hall Meeting on Healthcare in Prince George’s County, from 7-9 p.m. on Monday, July 9, 2012, at the M-NCPPC Harmony Hall Regional Center in Fort Washington. The public is invited to join the County Council for a comprehensive community conversation about the state of healthcare in the County and meet the new faces of healthcare in Prince George’s. This event will be moderated by
    Board of Health Consultant, Joseph L. Wright, MD, MPH. The County’s Acting Health Officer, Pamela Creekmur, will be among the panelists. Ms. Creekmur, who has served in the capacity of Acting Health Officer for Prince George’s County since last year, will be joined by Deputy Health Officer Dr. Ernest Carter and Deputy Health Officer Elana Belon-Butler. Dimensions Healthcare President/CEO Neil Moore and Chief Medical Officer Dr. Carnell Cooper will also make remarks.

    On Tuesday, July 10, 2012, the County Council will convene in session at 10:oo a.m., in the Council Hearing Room, County Administration Building, First Floor, in Upper Marlboro.
    During that meeting, the County Council will conduct a Public Hearing on the Appointment of Pamela Creekmur (not Dr. Creekmur, as you reported), as Health Officer for Prince George’s County.

    On another note, use of the official Board of Health logo should be authorized by the Council’s Office of Communications. Please feel free to contact this office for additional information about County Council activities, at, or visit the County Council online at You are also welcome to join us on Facebook or Twitter.

    Thank you.

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