Toles found guilty of reckless driving charge

County Councilwoman Karen Toles (D-7)

The bad news for Prince George’s County just continues. A judge in Ann Arundel County has found County Councilwoman Karen Toles guilty of reckless driving and fined her an additional $400.00. This is on top of the $500.00 Toles paid after being stopped on the beltway going over 100mph. She admitted to switching lanes illegally, but after an investigation by the top brass of the police department, Toles was later given a reckless driving citation.

In the ruling announced this evening Toles will be given probation before sentencing. If she stays out of trouble for a year her record will be cleared. The ruling also avoids any points to her license. Because of previous speeding tickets if the judge had applied the points necessary it was likely Toles would have lost her license.

Toles was stopped in February for speeding by a Prince George’s County officer. Today Toles admitted to making statements that included, “this is why people hate PG police” once she was stopped. Toles also admitted to both being on her phone AND applying make-up while speeding and being followed by the officer. After being stopped Prince George’s County Council Chair Andrea Harrison stripped Toles of her county issued vehicle. Sources in the government say Toles has returned to driving her own vehicle and is receiving a stipend from the government for doing so.

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