Looks like he is running…Doyle announces fundraiser

Delegate Doyle Neimann who currently represents the 47th Legislative District has thrown out the first sign he does intend to run for reelection with an over the weekend email announcing an upcoming fundraiser. The event will have high powered headliners too, House Speaker Michael Busch and possible future speaker Delegate Maggie McIntosh are listed as co-hosts. The event which will take place on June 28th at the Three Brothers Restaurant is the first sign of the looming redistricting battle which could put all three of the 47th’s incumbent delegates against one another.

This year the Maryland General Assembly gave their somewhat approval to a plan that took the current 47th and divided it into two sub-districts, 47A and 47B (where all of the three incumbents live. Under the new plan 47A will have one seat and 47B will have two seats. The problem is Niemann along with Delegates Jolene Ivey and Michael Summers all live in the two seat 47B. According to most observers if the match up does materialize Niemann could find himself on the outs. In 2010 Ivey and Summers ran on a ticket with now-Senator Victor Ramirez. They are rumored to be joined by County Councilman Will Campos who will run for the A seat after he is termed out with the council in 2014. Niemann ran on a ticket with then-State Senator David Harrington who was defeated by Ramirez.

2014, it will be here sooner than you think.













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One thought on “Looks like he is running…Doyle announces fundraiser

  1. Doyle, worked hard when he was a Delegate for the 24th Legislative District, He has worked twice as hard for the 47th District, to represent not a few but all members of the 47th Legislative District as well as All Marylanders. I have worked for Doyle for years and will continue to support him.

    Anna Marie Angolia
    Commissioner Emeritus 1991-2007
    Town of Cottage City

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