The O’Malley casino commission: PG gets none, MoCo well represented.

Governor Martin O’Malley on Face the Nation

On Monday Governor Martin O’Malley appointed his long discussed Working Group on Gaming. Despite what the governor puts out as a wide ranging portfolio, this group has one task, deciding if the state will allow an additional casino at National Harbor in Prince George’s County. However guess what we weren’t supposed to notice? None of the voting members of the group are from Prince George’s County.

Here are the official voting members of the group –

  • Governor’s Chief of Staff Matthew Gallagher
  • Secretary of the Department of Budget and Management T. Eloise Foster
  • Secretary of Appointments Jeanne Hitchcock
  • Senior Policy and Legislative Advisor Joseph Bryce
  • Senator Edward Kasemeyer
  • Senator Nathaniel McFadden
  • Senator Richard Madaleno
  • Delegate Sheila Hixson
  • Delegate Peter Hammen
  • Delegate Frank Turner

Now before we get all crazy and stuff the governor did also name alternates to the group and there are two members from Prince George’s County in that group, but both of them are pro-slots coming to the county. The members of that group are below.

Senator Douglas Peters, Senator George Edwards, Senator Robert Garagiola, Delegate Dereck Davis, Delegate Robert Costa, and Delegate Eric Luedtke.

So here is how things balance out.

Voting Members of the Working Group

Baltimore City – 2

Howard County – 2

Montgomery County – 2

Non-voting Members of the Working Group

Anne Arundel County – 1

Montgomery County – 2

Prince George’s County – 2

Total= Baltimore City 2, Howard County 2, Montgomery County 4, Prince George’s County 2

From looking at this you would think that this site was going to be in Montgomery County.

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