Our Endorsements

For the Prince George’s County Board of Education

District 1

David Murray is clearly the most experienced and connected candidate for the vacant seat being left by Rosalind Johnson. Two years ago Murray came close to defeating Johnson in her reelection bid and since that time has remained connected and in touch with the community he wants to represent. His drive and vision for a system that aggressively pursues innovation as a way to improve student achievement is what the Board of Education needs. Additionally he will join a board that has failed to hold senior administrators accountable and deliver on a real reform package everyone says they want. Prince George’s needs new energy as well as new ideas and David Murray is the best chance we have to do that in the 1st District.

District 4

None of the candidates in the race for this seat currently held by Patricia Eubanks brings the experience or vision we believe is necessary to improve Prince George’s County Public Schools. However, one of them is at least more prepared than the others, Micah Watson. As the former Vice Mayor of Cheverly and member of the Democratic Central Committee, Watson does come with a wealth of budget experience unmatched by the other contenders. While Dennis Smith also served as a member of the Glenarden City Council in the past, during his time as a leader in the city he never distinguished himself in fiscal or program matters. Watson played instrumental roles in developing and passing the Cheverly budget as Vice Mayor and a councilman. What concerns us is a disturbingly detached community outreach strategy and real educational experience.

District 5

For the last five years Verjeana Jacobs has been the chair of the Board of Education and should be reelected. None of the candidates running against her have been able to layout a clear vision of why she should be replaced or what they would do better. Jacobs has made a lot of mistakes in her two terms on the school board, but as chair she has been able to bring a diverse group of people together that has done a lot of good. Jacobs has not been as tough on Dr. Hite as she could have been but she has been effective.

District 7

No Endorsement

District 8

Edward Burroughs has been the most outspoken and passionate member of the school board on issues of community involvement, transparency, and most importantly accountability. He has been criticized for not voting the party line and often being the lone voice of dissent but we recommend is reelection. The problem has not been that Burroughs votes no on things like changes to the popular Reading Recovery Program, a budget that grows class sizes, or retaining a lawyer making millions of dollars who donated to the reelection of another board member, the problem is that not enough of his colleagues are joining him. That will change when he is joined by people like his best friend David Murray.

United States House of Representatives

District 4

We support Rep. Donna Edwards for re-nomination to the United States Congress as a Democrat.

No Endorsement in the Republican nomination race.

District 5

We support Rep. Steny Hoyer for re-nomination to the United States Congress as a Democrat.

We believe Delegate Tony O’Donnell has the best chance to give Rep. Hoyer a run for his money. We therefore support his nomination in the Republican Primary.

United States Senate

State Senator C. Anthony Muse (Democrat)

Ben Cardin has been in Washington for over two decades. In that time the support this county has received from the federal government, including the six years he’s been in the Senate has been poor. His casework for the county has been almost as equal to his presence in the county, non-existent. About six years ago Cardin was handed his hat by fmr. Representative Kwesi Mfume by voters in Prince George’s County, but after beating Mfume statewide the best any county resident has seen of their junior senator was likely in their church this year now that he is up for reelection. Senator Muse is not an excellent candidate but he is a better candidate more in touch with the needs of county residents. A strong vote for Muse, even if he does lose to Cardin, will send the message that we as a county are dissatisfied with our representation and we demand more.

Republican Primary (No Endorsement)

For President of the United States of America

Democratic Primary

We support the re-nomination of President Barack Obama

Republican Primary

We support fmr. Governor Mitt Romney for the Republican nomination

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