District 5 candidate Taylor is latest to respond to allegations against PGCPS administrators

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Sherine Taylor, a candidate for the PGCPS School Board in the 5th District, is the latest to respond to allegations of administrators suppressing student dissent at Northwestern High School—

Good evening

Sherine Taylor, candidate for School Board in 5th District.  Really, I mean come on now police, locking down the school, using police to block exits and holding student’s leaders in custody. 
What is going on within the school system that we feel that police force was needed when students are only exercising freedom of speech?  These students were standing up for what they believe was right, they wanted a better school and better education.  These are the type of things we should all stand for and demand for all our students in Prince George’s County.  What happened to Freedom of speech, Civil Rights?  I DO NOT support the acts of the administration and the force used while students were attempting to have a peaceful demonstration.  Administration could fo handled this totally different and had a better outcome. 
Our goal within Prince George’s County should all be the same, which is to make sure our students have a safe school, environment  that will encourage learning and provide them with the best education possible. 

My goal as candidate for School Board 5th District will be to continue to support our students and see to it that they have the means, and tools needed to get the best education humanly possible.

Thank you
Sherine Taylor, District 5 Candidate


Sherine Taylor
People for Taylor
Candidate for School Board 5


One thought on “District 5 candidate Taylor is latest to respond to allegations against PGCPS administrators

  1. If this is your best response, you have hurt yourself as a candidate. This appears to be a jump on the band wagon response. It does not demonstrate the necessary critical thinking or divergent thinking skills which is so desperately needed in this county, especially when it comes to our school system. Furthermore, beginning your response by trying to put blame on the police is just illogical. I hope this was just an emotional response and you really can do better.

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