Online petition launched against PGCPS suppression, nationwide web fallout

School Board Member Amber Waller represents District 3 which includes Northwestern High School. Photo by Nancy Royden of The SentinelRemember earlier when we blogged about a recent student planned uprising that was crushed by Dr. Hite and other Prince George’s County Public School Officials? Well that suppression has been making a lot of headlines lately all across the country.

After it was first featured on The Black Star Project and then here on our blog, the news just took off. Today the AFL-CIO Metro DC Council featured the story to their email list of thousands of union members and supporters. They also featured it on their website. The Midwest Peace and Justice Caucus of the National Education Association (America’s largest teacher’s union) also featured the story on their blog. Here in Maryland, the progressive blog Maryland Juice (arguably one of the states most popular progressive blogs) also ran the story.

Now student leaders are turning up the pressure with a newly launched petition (sign it today at demanding the suspensions of their leaders be lifted and wiped from their records.

Fighting for your rights is a key American principal. The right to petition your government through peaceful assembly is a value that this nation was founded on. So we plan to ask, how do the candidates running for the Board of Education feel about this issue? Do they think students should be given the right to petition their government, the Board of Education and school officials, or should they just shut up and learn about the rights nobody expects them to exercise? We’re sending an email to them all and will let you know what we hear back.

By the way where are the Prince George’s County Young Democrats? The Student Board Member what does she think? We will be asking them too.

What do you think? Tell us your opinion and if you support the students go to and add your voice to their voice.

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