New project for the New Year

On December 4, 2010 we launched our new blog, The Real Prince George’s. We wanted to write about politics in this county by people who lived, worked, and played in this county. Since we created our blog we have had great success. This year the members of our Editorial Board decided we wanted to do the same thing in DC. After weeks of working with a group of vibrant, interesting, well-connected young people in DC we launched “DMV Political Niggaz”. The blog we understand has a name that could be toxic for some but it was developed by the people who would be writing the blog themselves. This group of young people of color will cover politics in DC from their view-point under the supervision of this editorial board. We will stay mostly focused on our work here in Prince George’s as we expect you all will too, but we do hope you will stop by to visit them everyone once in a while.

Check out the website at or stay up dated with the posts on facebook or twitter.

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