Is @PGCPS using twitter to attack parental advocates?

For almost a month now the founder and leader of the group Parents and PGCPS Dr. Mike Robinson has been a vocal critic of a million dollar deal the Board of Education approved both on his groups website and on twitter. Now it appears the system just might be hitting back.

Recently the Board of Education voted to renew the contract for its attorney the Thatcher Law Firm for five years. Regardless of the fact they used a competitive bidding process to select the current firm, Dr. Robinson and to an extent School Board Member Edward Burroughs, have pushed to put the contract up for bid again. Why? Because since 2009 PGCPS has paid this firm about $2,144,744 in fees. “This is not a lot of money if they were the sole attorney,” a member of the PGCPS central administration staff told us, but they are not. The school system employees a counsel for Dr. Hite and an entire office of lawyers in their Office of the General Counsel.

Screen shot of the @ilovegogomusic twitter account

Dr. Robinson, who formerly worked for the school system, has been focusing on this issue since that vote passed. So how does the school system respond? In comes @ilovegogomusic a twitter account founded today for the sole purpose it appears of attacking Dr. Mike Robinson.The first tweet read, is

@pgcpsparents the same person who “borrowed” money from the Flowers HS PTA & never paid it back? Please give our kids back their money!

One of the more interesting tweets said;

@moses100000 the person who is posing as @pgcpsparents (and her boyfriend) took money from students at Flowers HS. We still dont have our $!

Why is that tweet so interesting? Well because a basic reading of the @pgcpsparents account will let you know Dr. Mike Robinson is a MAN and not a woman. “It is sad that they would do something to a man who has basically made his life’s work empowering parents,” a teacher at one of the county high schools told us after he reported the account to us today. “They will deny knowing anything about it but they do. It is them and it is wrong.”

So what do you think? Is someone at the school system behind this account? Take our poll and let us know.

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