Black Senator from MD? Pres. Obama says NO!

Then-Senator Barack Obama, then- Rep Ben Cardin, and fmr. Rep. Mfume (Photo: Democratic

Today the Washington Post reported that in an email set to go out later this week, President Barack Obama, once the lone African-American in the US Senate, will endorse Ben Cardin for a second term. The endorsement this early in the campaign is expected to help blunt any possible challenge by State Senator C. Anthony Muse of Prince George’s County.

Cardin, who is in his first term, barely won the Democratic Primary in 2006 against former Congressman Kweisi Mfume of Baltimore by less than three percentage points. Cardin was stumped by Mfume in vote rich Prince George’s County and while Muse has far less name ID insiders don’t want to take a chance. Prince George’s County is home to the most democratic votes in the state of Maryland mainly because of its large African-American population.

This isn’t the first time Barack Obama has come to the aid of Ben Cardin. In 2006 after Cardin defeated Mfume in the primary, Democrats organized a Unity Rally at the University of Maryland – College Park in Prince George’s County. Party leaders worried that after Cardin had been defeated so soundly in Prince George’s during that primary by 52 points would be in danger of losing the general election against then-Lt. Governor Michael Steele, an African-American, who at the time lived in Prince George’s. In fact later in that campaign a group of somewhat prominent black elected officials in the county did endorse Michael Steele over Ben Cardin. The keynote speaker for that rally…then-Senator Barack Obama.

Read the full story from the Washington Post here.

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4 thoughts on “Black Senator from MD? Pres. Obama says NO!

  1. I am one person with one vote and it is my right to use it as I see fit, and to do so without fear of retaliation or reprisal because I exercised that freedom. Now, that’s the world it should be but I know first hand that it does not work that way. Some folk take it personal – if you didn’t vote for them, the heck with you, they don’t owe you anything. That’s absurd but it’s also true.

    Last time around, I supported Senator Ben Cardin because someone whom I considered to be a friend asked me too asked me. However, I have invited Senator Cardin to functions, I have made requests for support of several causes, and while I know he cannot do everything he is asked to do, he has done absolutely noting I have asked him to do, but only told me why it was not possible to be done. He has done some good things for Maryland, some that I have personally reaped the benefits of, or at least expect to reap benefits in the future, some things I/we have wanted, particular a Federal building in Prince George’s County, I have not seen enough fight on our behalf from any of our representatives including many of our Representatives.

    So, having said all of that, I’m going with Senator Muse this time, after all, I do have expectations of getting something done, therefore, believe I and the County and State will fair much better, at least if I need a meeting with him vent my frustrations, I can get it. Moreover, Senator Muse have not only supports my causes, but he attends most of my events, participates when asked to do so, and clearly shows his support for what we do. Senator Muse, I want you to know that I am going to work hard to get you elected to the U.S. Senate, not simply because you are Black, but simply because you have demonstrated to me and many others, that you are willing to work for us too.

    Senator Cardin, I will not campaign against you for I know nothing personal about you, having only met you in a crowd, and I doubt you would know me if you saw me face-to-face, it’s just that I am going the other way this time and I wish you the best as I do not believe in luck.

    • Our President should remember that all politics is local. We, (African Americans) are not represented in the Senate… our voice has not be carried by Senator Cardin, not in his first nor second term. The most frustrating thing is the incumbent factor democratic party is giving to Cardin…something he hasn’t earned and MUST change. Voters deserve more!

  2. After then Sen. Barack Obama came to the aid and rescue of Ben Cardin, who did Cardin support and endorse in the Democratic Presidential campaign? Yep, Ben was very grateful and appreciative. To show how much Sen. Obama meant to him, he campaigned, supported, and endorsed Hillary Clinton!

    Yeah, that is the Ben Cardin that I remember.

  3. I appreciate candid comments from my fellow voters, but please use spell check and re-read your posts for grammatical errors. Nothing damages how Prince Georgians are perceived more than poorly written/edited comments. It detracts from the substance of what’s being said.

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