Executive Baker is away, who is in charge?

Prince George's Executive Rushern Baker

Executive Rushern Baker, Governor Martin O’Malley, the First Lady and about one hundred others are flying off to India today. With the Executive out-of-town who is in charge? According to the charter, it depends.

Section 410 of the charter says,

The County Executive shall, within ten days after taking office, designate in writing the Chief Administrative Officer or some other person in the executive branch to perform the duties of the County Executive during the latter’s temporary inability to perform such duties by reason of absence from the County or disability.  Such designation shall be filed with the Clerk of the Council.  An Acting County Executive shall have the same rights, duties, powers, and obligations as an elected incumbent in said office, except the power of veto.

The problem is almost a year into office Baker has yet to name a permanent Chief Administrative Officer and the current Acting CAO Brad Seamon is the second to hold the title. We have placed an email into the Clerk of the Council’s office to see who Mr. Baker has named to act in his authority for the six days he will be out of the country on a trade mission trip.

Learn more about why Governor O’Malley believes this trip is important on his blog here.

Executive Baker will be joined by his Special Assistant Jayson Williams, President of the Economic Development Corporation Gwen McCall, her assistant Montez J. Anderson, and her Senior Vice President Pradeep Ganguly. David S. Iannucci, Assistant Deputy Chief Administrative Officer will also join the delegation. According to a statement from the governor’s office, most local government officials will be paid for by their own governments. (Not apart of the official delegation, we have confirmed two of Executive Baker’s children are also on the trip. No word on who paid for their travel.)

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