New Ivey website published, but is it ready for primetime?

Former Prince George’s County State’s Attorney Glenn Ivey revealed his campaign website for his bid to unseat Rep. Donna Edwards in Congress. The site leaves a lot to be desired.

The Glenn Ivey for Congress website

  • The framework of the site is smooth and appealing, but lacks the natural congressional campaign theme of images of the candidate around the district. Ivey is a former State’s Attorney so he has to have those images.
  • The banner Glenn Ivey for Congress looks cheap, unimpressive, and not very inspiring.
  • The type print is very small and the pages seem very wordy.
  • It is always a bad idea to have a latest news section on your website if you have no new news.
  • None of the buttons and we do mean none of them work on the campaign website. Including the donation button.
  • The Contact Page doesn’t include any information to contact the campaign with questions or reach out to get involved.
  • None of the social media pages are online but the site makes aware that Ivey plans to use iveyforcongress as his twitter and facebook handle. If I’m Donna Edwards I’d scope them up now before he does.
  • The major thing the site is missing is the why. Ivey has failed to explain why he is challenging the state’s only female member of the house delegation.

Now we’ve told you our point of view, you tell us what you think about the site in the comment box below or on twitter or facebook.

Glenn Ivey announced earlier this month that he would in fact challenge the two-term Democrat from Prince George’s County in the April Democratic primary after she was unable to prevent a shift in her district during the redistricting process.

Edwards won her seat in 2008 after knocking out her former boss Al Wynn in the Democratic Primary. She was reelected in 2010 defeating former Delegate Herman Taylor of Montgomery County. Glenn Ivey is the former Prince George’s County State’s Attorney. He left office in 2010 after flirting with running for County Executive and then the House of Representatives.

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