24th district delegates hold town hall w/o their senator

District 24 Delegates present town hall (Tiffany Alston, Carolyn JB Howard, and Michael Vaughn)

When the Maryland General Assembly reconvenes next January a number of hot button issues are going to be on the table. In Prince George’s County this year a few delegations plan to return after getting ideas from their residents. That will begin with the delegates from the 24th legislative district.

Delegates Tiffany Alston, Carolyn JB Howard, and Michael Vaughn are hosting a town hall meeting on just a few of the hot button issues today at Charles Flowers High School from 6:30PM until 8:30PM. Issues expected to be discussed include a proposal to raise the gas tax, redistricting, and same-sex marriage.

Same sex marriage dominated the legislative session last year and was pulled from the floor after Delegate Alston changed her mind from supporting the legislation to opposing it under pressure from community leaders. Governor Martin O’Malley and other top democrats in the state have made passing the legislation a key priority this year while also understanding it will likely be put up for a vote in next year’s presidential election.

Side note: Notice that State Senator Benson who also represents the 24th district is not on the list of presenters or speakers.

So you want to go? The Town Hall will be held Thursday, November 10th starting at 6:30PM at Charles Herbert Flowers High School at 10001 Ardwick-Adrmore Road in Springdale, MD.

Want more information? Visit http://mddistrict24.org.

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