County Council to introduce own redistricting plan for districts

The Prince George’s County Council is preparing to reject a redistricting plan approved by their appoint commission this summer and introduce their own plan for consideration in a public hearing set for Tuesday, October 11th at 10AM.

Under county law the council has until the last day of November to either introduce and pass their own plan, as it is rumored they will do, or pass the plan submitted by the Redistricting Commission. If the council fails to approve a plan by the end of November, the recommendation submitted by the commission will automatically become law.

Click here to view the council agenda for Tuesday, October 11th

Click here to view the report of the Redistricting Commission

In other important news—

The Committee of the Whole, a committee of the county council made up of all of the members, will take up a bill by Council Vice-Chair Eric Olson to amend the charter making it easier to ensure republican representation on the redistricting commission. This year the commission is made up of three members, all democrats, because the republicans failed to get more than fifteen percent of the vote in the 2010 council elections. Under the current charter the county council was not required to give them the two seats they would have been able to have. If Olson’s amendment passes and wins approval on the ballot next year, should this happen again the party with the next highest percentage of registered voters, the republicans, would get at least one seat on the commission. The text of his bill can be read here.

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