The PGCPS budget debate is back, are you ready?

PGCPS Superintendent William Hite

Fresh off a long, confusing, and heated budget debate that just ended a few months ago, Superintendent Hite is busy preparing for the 2012-2013 budget which promises to be even tougher with more cuts to popular programs. To begin the process Hite is hosting an Operating Budget Hearing on October 19th at 7PM possibly at the Board of Education headquarters however the official press communication doesn’t mention a location. The public is invited to attend.

Last year’s budget saw cuts to popular programs, the enactment of a surcharge for high school athletes, and the threat to cut transportation for students attending specialty schools. The cut to transportation was saved at the last-minute by an infusion of money from the County Council and Executive Rushern Baker. This year with the threat of another recession and a huge budget gap by the county, no one is expecting a last-minute infusion of money from either the county our state. “Last year’s budget will be nothing compared to what we expect to face next year,” a member of the Prince George’s County Educators Association said.

The public hearing will likely be used to help frame the budget proposal Dr. Hite introduces to the Board of Education later this year. That proposal will go to the board for review, public hearings, and revisions before it is approved by the board and sent to the County Council for review and back to the board for final approval.

Other PGCPS important meetings or hearing this week include:

DIAB Meeting
October 12
• 6 p.m.
The Board of Education’s Disability Issues Advisory Board (DIAB) meets every other month to discuss ADA issues and make recommendations on policies, procedures, and to help ensure that the needs of students and staff who are disabled are met.

Board Meeting
October 13
• 1 p.m.
The Board of Education Meeting is open to the public. Interested persons may speak for three minutes by registering with the Board Office by 10:30 a.m. the day of the meeting.

CIP & FAB Committee Meeting
October 19
• 5 p.m.
The CIP & FAB Committee focuses on issues pertaining to renovation and new school construction, and school system financial matters.

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