O’Malley makes the national rounds while state responsibilities sit on back shelf

Governor Martin O'Malley on Face the Nation

What a week it has been for Maryland’s governor Martin O’Malley. In just the last few days he has appeared in New York City on MSNBC’s Morning Joe show and in Washington on the Face the Nation program to support President Barack Obama’s jobs plan. While in New York the governor hinted he might even be preparing his own jobs bill that would be considered by the General Assembly during the special session scheduled for just over two weeks from today. As the governor travels around doing is best to look presidential and raise his own national profile the special legislative session that will likely be called around October 18th to consider redistricting proposals from him has an agenda that keeps getting more and more full. Governor O’Malley earlier this summer hinted that the legislature would also consider new tax proposals that he has yet to lay out. Now he is proposing a jobs bill that he has yet to write or lay out any specifics for what it will include. Just over a few weeks from the session the governor hasn’t even publicly announced the redistricting maps the session will consider. “Martin has been doing a whole lot of talking about this special session but not a lot of leading,” said a member of the House of Delegates leadership from the DC capital region. “I like a lot of what he has had to say but being realistic this session is expected to last about two weeks, that just won’t be enough time to pass taxes, a jobs bill and fight over congressional lines.”

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