Derrick Leon Davis wins hands down in special election

Democratic Nominee for the County Council Derrick Leon Davis

Third time became the charm for Derrick Leon Davis today winning hands down the Democratic nomination to replace Leslie Johnson on the Prince George’s County Council representing the 6th District. With the sixth district being heavily made up of Democrats, Davis is the favorite to win the general election later this fall when he faces off against GOP nominee Day Gardner who ran unopposed in the primary.

Davis lost the 2010 Democratic primary to Leslie Johnson who resigned from office after pleading guilty to corruption charges last summer.

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2 thoughts on “Derrick Leon Davis wins hands down in special election

  1. As a resident of District 6, I was among the 8 percent that voted in the special election. Using a formula of 100 voters, 8 out of 100 voted and 4 of them (50%) voted for Derrick Davis and the other 4 split their votes among the other candidates. This is why the residents of Prince George’s County residents end up with corrupted people representing them.

    Regular residents of this county have an obligation to seek public office to serve the needs of it’s citizens. I may make that effort myself next time.

    Ronald G. Baker
    Solid Image Photographic Service

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