People for Change Leader among minority calling for Johnson not to step down

People for Change Leader Sandy Pruitt who refused to call for Leslie Johnson to resign from office before October.

After School Board Member Donna Beck called their leader a black bitch they called for her to resign. In 2007 they blasted Jack Johnson for appointing Leslie Johnson to a grants board. They called out Melony Griffith, Jack Johnson, and Bishop C. Anthony Muse for supporting a new stadium to be built, and then called for the resignations of council members Sam Dean and Marilyn Bland for walking out of a meeting. However today just hours before Leslie Johnson announced her resignation from the Prince George’s County Council for federal corruption charges, the leader of People for Change Sandy Pruitt told the Washington Examiner she was not looking for a speedy resignation by the leader.

Sandy Pruitt and People for Change have built their name for “holding” elected officials to account however some of their critics say it has always been about the power they didn’t have and the power they wanted. In 20101 Pruitt’s group fielded a slate they called for change in which all of their non-incumbent candidates were defeated by huge numbers. “That tells you their anger and hate mixed with false truths doesn’t hold well in this county,” said a member of the county council. Today’s decision not to join the rest of the community in calling for Johnson’s resignation has shocked some supporters of the group but not so many of their critics. “This is People for Change, uneven, not balanced or totally honest. To call for Beck’s resignation for calling their leader a bitch but saying she’s not ready to see the county move forward without Leslie after she has admitted guilt makes them the joke I always thought they were,” the council member went on to say.

Councilwoman Leslie Johnson plead guilty last week to federal charges of evidence and witness tampering and faces upwards of a year behind bars. She submitted her letter of resignation today with an effective date of July 31st just before the rest of the council stripped her of her staff, county car, cell phone, and parking space.

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