Prince George’s County Councilwoman Leslie Johnson who plead guilty just last week to federal witness and evidence tampering charges has submitted a letter of resignation but post dated it to become effective on July 31st, right before the council recesses for the summer.

As we wrote about before this is what will happen next.

The County Charter empowers the council to order a special election if a vacancy occurs within the first three years of a council members term. Johnson has been in office for less than a year. Therefore should Johnson step down on July 31st the body (under county law 020-104) will have until August 7th (seven days or 10th if you include weekends) to adopt a resolution setting both a primary and general election for district 6 voters. The law also says the primary election cannot be earlier than 45 days after the vacancy (September 14th) or later than 60 days (September 29th). This means the primary will be settled before Johnson reports to jail. The general election under county law cannot be earlier than sixty days (September 29th) or later than 90 days (October 29th).

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