Turner and council have opportunity to send signal on Johnson with their return tomorrow, Plus Happening This Week

When the Prince George’s County Council returns this week from their recess last week (in order to attend the annual MACO conference) they will have an opportunity to send a clear signal to Leslie Johnson about her continued service. Tomorrow they could adopt a resolution of no-confidence that would surely pass the council and strip her of any benefits the seat offers, or they can do nothing and give her the signal that her continuation on the body will be accepted. The agenda for the meeting which can be seen here does not make any mention of Councilwoman Johnson but it does note the group will meet in executive session at the conclusion of their meeting to discuss personnel matters. The last time this happened with respect to Mrs. Johnson she was stripped of all committee assignments and the right to represent the body in an official capacity.

Tuesday, July 5 2011

  • The Prince George’s County Council will meet at 10AM for their regular meeting in their chambers. Among the items to be considered are confirmations for Thomas Himler to be Director of the Budget Office, Gail Francis to be Director of Finance, and Mark Magaw to be Chief of Police. The council is also expected to debate and possibly approve Councilman Will Campos’ bill repealing a law he and three other members just passed last year allowing for more taxi cab permits. They will also meet in Committee of the Whole to review appointments Executive Rushern Baker’s nominees to the Planning Board as well as the Housing and Environment Departments. Read the entire agenda on our community calendar page by clicking on the meeting details.

Wednesday, July 6 2011

  • The County Council’s Public Safety and Fiscal Management Committee will meet at 1:30PM to review bills by Leslie Johnson on a financial literacy task force, Karen Toles revising the County’s policy for the use of the Tax Increment Financing, and Mel Franklin and Andrea Harrison on enhancing the County’s economic development by creating bidding preferences. Read the entire agenda on our community calendar page by clicking on the meeting details.
  • The County Council will also meet at 6:30PM as the Board of Appeals.

Thursday, July 7 2011

  • The Prince George’s County Planning Board will meet at 8:30 a.m. to discuss Administrative/Parks and Recreation Items. At 10:00 a.m.  they will talk about Development Review Items.
  • The Prince George’s County Council Health and Human Service Committee will meet at 10AM to review nominees to the Board of Social Services.


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