Happening Today- Johnson could be on way out as Davis prepares to run

Derrick Leon Davis is expected to announce campaign for County Council if Johnson steps down

Prince George’s County Councilwoman Leslie Johnson is expected to plead guilty to obstruction of justice charges today in federal court. The charges stem from actions she took as FBI agents closed in on her husband in a wide-ranging pay to play scheme. If Johnson, who was elected to the council representing district 6 last fall, does plead guilty, than under state law she will be forced to step down and with that a lot of eyes have turned to the person she beat just a few months ago.

Over the last few weeks members of Team Davis or Derrick Leon Davis’ campaign have been busy organizing online and sparked a lot of attention when they launched http://www.teamdavis2011.com/. Davis, who also ran for the council seat against former councilman Sam Dean in 2002 lost to Johnson by 9 percentage points but outpaced his over rivals by more than 19 points. Should Johnson plead guilty and step down from office as is expected today, a special election will be ordered to fill her unexpired term and could be set by next week.

Other candidates rumored to be also considering a run in the special election include Arthur Turner a former member of the Democratic Central Committee and Betha Venus who both also ran against Johnson last fall. It is also rumored that former termed out councilman Sam Dean who ran for executive against Rushern Baker is also considering a run. The county charter prohibits members from serving more than two consecutive terms but since Johnson was elected last fall it opens up the option for Dean to return if he runs and wins.

Leslie Johnson is expected in federal court in Greenbelt at 10:00AM this morning.

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