Council Chair Ingrid Turner responds to Johnson plea

County Council Chair Ingrid Turner

Prince George’s County Council Chairwoman Ingrid Turner who basically owes her gavel to Leslie Johnson released the below statement in response to her plea of guilty to federal charges of corruption. The statement does not call on her friend and sorority sister to step down but restated the charter process for filling the seat when she does. Both Johnson and Turner are AKA members as well as their younger sorority sister Karen Toles. Johnson and Toles joined with Turner, Council members Will Campos and Obie Patterson to deny then-Vice Chairwoman Andrea Harrison her bid to become chair last year just weeks after Johnson was arrested by federal agents. Campos, Toles, Turner, and Patterson are the only four members not to call on Leslie Johnson to not assume office last December after she was arrested. Council members Franklin, Lehman, Harrison, and Olson all called on Johnson not to take office last December. Turner is the first county official to respond to today’s news. There has been no comment from Executive Rushern Baker or the other council members.

UPDATED- County Executive Rushern Baker has called on Leslie Johnson to resign before her October 13th sentencing hearing saying “I believe the process of healing should not be delayed or deferred,” according to TBD News Anchor Bruce Depuyt.

We’ve also heard from Prince George’s County Democratic Central Committeeman Salome Peters who said “If I were Leslie Johnson, I would have resigned a long time ago.

Thursday, June 30, 2011
CONTACT: Karen Campbell

Today is a difficult day.  Council Member Johnson has pled guilty to a felony.  After she has commenced her sentence, she will no longer be a qualified voter under Maryland Election Law and must then forfeit her office pursuant to Section 310 of the Prince George’s County Charter.

Once a vacancy exists on the County Council and pursuant to the County Charter, the County Council must provide for a Special Election to fill the vacancy.

The Council remains focused on its work serving the people of Prince George’s County. There is much to be done and we will continue to focus our efforts on our legislative priorities and work in the best interests of County residents.


All legislative powers of Prince George’s County are vested in the County Council.  The County Council sits as the District Council on zoning and land use policy, and as the Board of Health to govern and guide health policy.  The County Council meets as a legislative body on Tuesdays in the Council Hearing Room on the first floor of the County Administration Building in Upper Marlboro.  For more information on the Prince George’s County Council, please visit

County Administration Building — Upper Marlboro, Maryland 20772
(301)952-3700   TDD (301)925-5167

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4 thoughts on “Council Chair Ingrid Turner responds to Johnson plea

  1. This is most unfortunate but, as we all know, good people sometimes make terrible decisions — particularly when it relates to protecting a spouse. Prince George’s County is comprised of resilient, forward-thinking and forward-moving individuals who will continue to grow and develop our county into one of the best places to live, work and play. As a resident, I am proud to live, and own a business, in Prince George’s County. Let’s pray for the Johnson family, say, “Lessons learned!” and keep it moving!

    • You, and voters like you, are the reason our political leaders prey on PG constituents with impunity! We are NOT forward thinking when we embrace this nonsense. Leslie Johnson was NOT protecting her spouse, she has been complicit in the theft, the deceit, the willful breaking of the law. Go back and reread the phone transcripts. She knew the money was in the home, as she was the one who brought up the subject. It wasn’t about just protecting her spouse, it was about protecting herself. And with hubris, arrogance and attitude she asks us to not judge her on this one incident. It’s not ONE incident, it is a pattern of self dealing, a pattern of preying on uninformed people, a pattern of not accepting responsibility for one’s actions. What is the purpose of continuing to serve — she is a convicted felon — except to continue pimping the people of Prince George’s County to the tune of another $21K in salary, plus benefits. Just like when she served as “first lady,” ran for office, won with tainted developer donations, and demanded to be sworn in an unethical, morally challenged, lacking in integrity, lying, thief. But the first thing she does — every photo op, she is with her minister. Once again preying for forgivness (and that is NOT a typo) from the people from whom she and her felon spouse stole! The only service the Johnsons have done for this county is incidental in service to themselves.

  2. It’s a shame that they put their A K A in front of PG. They should seek leadership positions with the sorority if they feel that those letters stop them from publicly calling out a convicted felon to do the right thing for the county.

  3. As of this reply of September 6, 2011, I would definitely say that I am very sorry to see a woman like Leslie Johnson even take the office as she did. It is unfortunate for her children that she had to be “greedy” as her husband was. But we as Prince Georgians should take the position about all politicans running for office, there NEEDS to be a great deal more scrutiny about those who want to run for a council or senate and/or delegate seat. It is important that we look for people who are a viable entity of their own community, one who puts people before occupation of a job, one who will continue to serve the people based on their own mindset as to what is right, not what the seat of Leslie Johnson could do for them, nor should it be based upon how much a council person is paid, which is far more than a delegate or a senator. I do find this quite strange as to how the Prince George’s County Council can be paid much more than an elected delegate or senator. As a resident of Prince George’s County for five years, I have found that people who put forth their own agenda rather than those whom they represent are more likely to be voted into a office rather than a resident who cares, loves and are involved in other areas of the county as citizens who care for people, not a lot of smiles that fade into sunsets, but that ordinary resident who wants and sees the plights of those struggling individuals who need to see someone actually doing something that has changed their neighborhoods, that stands for what is right, and will NOT compromise on issues that will affect those who are in need of help nor those who want to see something NEW. I would like to see a leader who will not take from the people, but give and fight for the people of their district and for all Prince George’s County. This election for District 6 is an election that is filled with different motives that I find not “moving.” Unfortunately, I find no one on this ballot creditable to be in this position as council person. I am waiting for that one person who will say positive things to issues that affects taxes, education, infrastructures of streets, highways, communities, small businesses and lift moratoriums on businesses like Cracker Barrel, Burger King, etc.– JOBS, and no type of personal hidden agendas of trying to control what I eat–this is MY freedom of choice and of others. Waldorf,, MD (Charles County) has done well to allow Cracker Barrel a place off of their main highway (RTE 4) to build a place of opportunity for jobs, a place for family to eat and enjoy themselves together and a place that is decent! Why is that Prince George’s County did not allow Cracker Barrel the chance to be built in the area of Ritchie Place in Upper Marlboro? This would have been a great income for our county, but at much, we always miss out!

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