BREAKING NEWS- Councilwoman Johnson Pleads Guilty, Could Be Jailed for Upwards of a Year

Prince George’s County District 6 Councilwoman Leslie Johnson has just pleaded guilty to witness and evidence tampering in connection with a widespread pay to play scheme that also took down her husband, former county executive Jack Johnson. Under state law Johnson will now have to step down from her seat on the council resulting in a special election. Should Johnson not step down herself she could be removed. It is unclear when, or if, Johnson will official vacate her seat.

To read about the political horse race that will likely ensue to fill the seat read our story from earlier this morning at

Under the agreement reached between Johnson’s lawyers and the government she could spend between 12 to 18 months behind bars.

UPDATE- The federal judge ordered Johnson to reappear in court October 13th for sentencing. It is unclear if Johnson will be able to remain in office until that time.

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