Troubled High Point High Alumni Focus on Future, Demand Say in New Principal

For much of the last year High Point High School in Prince George’s County has been in the news and not for anything good. In March we reported that Dr. Hite, the superintendent of schools, and School Board Member Rosalind Johnson who represents the area the school is in, was under fire after a YouTube video online showed a riot in the hallway and became an example of a school community out of control. We also reported that as a result of his investigation, School Board Member Edward Burroughs was secretly censored by the board and it was later upheld by the Maryland State Board. We then reported that despite defending the principal’s leadership, Dr. Hite had replaced the schools leader and named an interim principal to calm the situation. However now things appear to have changed.

Since Acting Principal Rebecca Garcia took over in the spring and with additional support services from the central administration, attention from parents and the community, high point high school seems to be back on track and alumni of the school want it to continue. Lifting High Point Higher is an alumni volunteer/mentoring group who some say are committed to making their school strong again. Most recently during a PTSA members blasted the Director of School Leadership Douglas Anthony on plans from the central office to school programs such as the academic center as ripping the school of their identity. However most of their time has been spent on playing a key role in who should be the next principle.

Acting Principal Rebecca Garcia is very popular among students, parents, and even the community but according to leaders of Lifting High Point Higher she has no interest in the job full-time. That has led this group and dozens of other alums to collate behind another alum who has been a county teacher and assistant principal Edgar Batenga at the school. In a letter they have been sending to Dr. Hite and Mr. Anderson group leaders say they “are looking forward to volunteering within High Point and have a vested interest in who will be the leader we collaborate with.” They go onto say “the only candidate who could effectively heal and lead High Point during this critical stage of transition is Mr. Edgar Batenga. Mr. Batenga is a High Point graduate with experience within the school as a coach, teacher and vice principal. He is a respected leader by all of the students, parents, faculty and alumni who know him. His commitment to High Point’s students and the Beltsville community makes him the only choice for principal.”

To learn more about the group or get involved join their Facebook Page.

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