Pr. George’s Democratic Club Slams O’Malley on Redistricting Transparancy

The Real Prince George’s has obtained the following letter expected to be sent from the Surratts-Clinton Democratic Club to Governor Martin O’Malley (D) in the coming days regarding redistricting at the state level. The club, which is led by Tamara Davis-Brown, a member of the Prince George’s County Redistricting Commission, blasts O’Malley for failing to name any members of the state commission and demand a public transparent process.

Surratts-Clinton Democratic Club

P.O. Box 717

Clinton, MD 20735


The Honorable Martin O’Malley

Governor of the State of Maryland

100 State Circle

Annapolis, Maryland 21401-1925


Re:       2011-2012 State and Federal Redistricting


Dear Governor O’Malley:


The Surratts-Clinton Democratic Club (“the Club”) is a local Democratic whose sole mission is to support and elect Democratic candidates and elected leaders in local, state and national elections.  The Club has a distinguished history with roots from the patriarchs of the Miller and Hoyer families, and has produced many leaders in the State of Maryland.  The Club has evolved over the years.  However, its mission has remained the same.


We are also committed to fair and open election process – one that is true to democratic principles.  We disdain the days when politics and political leaders are selected from a smoke-filled back room of privileged individuals or on golf greens open to a selected few.  In this regard, our Club pens this letter seeking a transparent and open redistricting process at the state level – one that will ensure one person, one vote as called for by the U.S. Constitution.


We are alarmed by the fact that you have not selected the members of the State’s Redistricting Commission.  By January or February of the year following the release of the Census data, your predecessors had already selected Commission members.  We are aware that both the Speaker of the House and the Senate President will be members of the Redistricting Commission, and we hope that break from tradition and select others from the public to serve as well.


We implore you and your Redistricting Commission to hold many public meetings and work sessions throughout the State of Maryland to ensure transparency and open government.  More importantly, however, we implore the state’s Redistricting Commission to respect the non-partisan principals of redistricting that withstand judicial scrutiny.  For example, districts need to be redrawn that respect political boundaries such as County lines, municipalities and incorporated towns and subdivisions (i.e., Census Designated Places).


The Club intends to work with other community organizations to draft its own map that represents that part of the state that affects its membership.  We ask that you and the Redistricting Commission take a hard look at citizens’ created-redistricting maps and take into account the voters’ wishes in your deliberation.


We look forward to partnering with you for a fair process and look forward to participating in open public forums and work sessions.






Surratts-Clinton Democratic

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