Baker’s new Metro Nominee Approved but High Pay Remains

The Prince George’s County Council approved Executive Rushern Baker’s nomination of Artist Hampshire-Cowan, a senior vice-president at Howard University, to serve as their representative on the Metro Board of Directors. Hampshire-Cowan replaces Marcell Solomon who Baker ousted in December after taking office. Solomon had come under fire for collecting more than $39,000 for his role on the board but missed more than half of the meetings.

Artist Hampshire-Cowan will take her seat on the Metro Board of Directors after she is sworn in likely at their next board meeting scheduled for May 26th with an annual salary that could reach as high as $75,000, more than any other member on the board. In fact Cowan who is only a Maryland alternate could make as much as $50,000 more than the two principal voting members from Maryland whose pay is capped at just over $20,000. “Shocked”, is how a member of the Greater Washington Board of Trade said he felt after hearing of the pay amount. The board along with the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments issued a report just last year lambasting the high pay of Prince George’s members in comparison with the rest of the region and called for a uniform policy.

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One thought on “Baker’s new Metro Nominee Approved but High Pay Remains

  1. The Washington Post published an article saying that Mr. Solomon had received over $640,000 for the Metro Board service. I believe you need to check this $39,000 figure.

    Please also note that PG is the highest taxed jurisdiction in the state and the only one paying $75,000 a year for this position. And they are already looking for tax increases!!!!

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