If Hite is writing his new blog then who is Briant?


Screenshot of PGCPS Superintendent Hite blog



Remember when Prince George’s County Public Schools Superintendent Hite announced he was launching a new blog? A lot of people saw it as an opportunity to hear directly from the schools chief on issues around the system. It could also be a venue to engage the public on those issues through comments and questions. Well as too often is the case in PGCPS that is not the case.

Since the blog kicked off it has been updated twice, once Saturday to start what we expect will be a weekly post and then right after the US Department of Labor slapped the system with millions of dollars in fines for willful violation of the H-1B Visa program. One thing we noticed in both of them is that they actually weren’t written by Dr. Hite.


Yep, they weren’t written by the man we believed they were.

Ever been to Whitehouse.gov and seen the president release a statement or blog on the website? It is doubtful President Barack Obama actually sat down to write the post and uploaded it however when you look at the site you wouldn’t know the difference. Normally those posts are updated under a false profile for the leader in question or under the title of “administrator”. Not the case with Dr. Hite’s blog. Even though the posts are signed by the schools chief if you look at the lower right hand corner of the post they were actually written by someone named Briant. Guess it was too much to hope for a superintendent who wrote their own blog.

Speaking of the blog

If you go to just about any blog you will notice that there is normally an option for readers to comment on what they just read. The idea of blogs being used politically came into existence during the Howard Dean campaign when campaign manager Joe Trippi found out that they could be a new way to engage supporters and volunteers. Well that is not the case for Dr. Hite’s blog.

Under both of the two updated posts next to the name that actually posted the blog who is not Dr. Hite there includes a comment button. So being the interested readers we are we decided to comment on today’s post about the fine. Our comment which would had been, “Dr. Hite thanks for the detailed updated on the very concerning situation with regards to this fine.” After trying more than once we noticed that the commenting option wasn’t a public feature and not available.

Maintaining a blog to some people should be an easy thing. You go there post your thoughts and that is it. It looks like the superintendent might be learning that isn’t always the case.

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