Superintendent of Schools launches new blog and twitter


PGCPS Superintendent William Hite


Dr. Hite has always looked for innovative ways to communicate with the public in Prince George’s. Actually a lot of people say he has been the most approachable PGCPS chief the system has had in recent times. That is why it isn’t too shocking that the leader of the state’s second largest public school system today launched a new blog on the PGCPS website.

The blog which was announced via the system’s twitter account can be found at According to his first post the blog will “provide quick updates on the current activities of our school system; highlight our achievements and accomplishments; and share my perspective on various issues impacting education, specifically, matters related to Prince George’s County Public Schools.”

In launching the new blog the system also asked followers to follow Hite on twitter at @PGCPSHite. The account which the school leader has had for sometime is not updated often but from the appearance of both of these announcements that might change soon. Dr. Hite and the members of the Board of Education are under intense pressure to balance a budget without cutting popular programs like transportation for specialty schools or the famous Camp Schmidt. If Hite uses his blog and twitter account correctly it could help him in the long run. These recent developments just a few months after Hite replaced the former leaders of the communications office to go in a more aggressive way pushing the system’s message to the press.

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