Ivey asks; On school transportation, what do you support?

Maryland House of Delegates Chamber

District 47 Delegate Jolene Ivey is seeking resident input on the hot button issue of specialty school transportation funding.

In an email to parents and community groups yesterday Delegate Ivey, who last week secured an Attorney General opinion saying that any proposal by the board of education to enact a fee for specialty program busing would be unconstitutional, asked for feedback on a range of proposals being considered in Annapolis during the legislatures last two weeks.

The options listed in the email are below–

  • Eliminating bus service for specialty programs.
  • The state legislature passing a law allowing the county to create the fee.
  • The county council enacting a telephone tax directed at transportation funding for schools.

Take the poll below and we will forward the results to Delegate Ivey.

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3 thoughts on “Ivey asks; On school transportation, what do you support?

  1. I ave not answered this very biased poll because it is based on the very false premise that it the only options are to eliminate transportation or to charge a new fee or tax to pay for it.

    A more honest poll would list some of the other options for continuing the existing transportation program, or would at least allow “Other” or :None of the above” as a reply.

    Why is it that Del. Ivey, “Real” and others want to force the debate to look at only these limited choices and direct attention away from other funding alternatives and from questions about why the school system is favoring some students and discriminating against others on the basis of where they happen to live?

  2. D.C. has it right. This poll is set to obviously create 1 of two replies: Pass a law to allow the tax (fee) or pass a law to add a telephone tax (affecting everyone) to support a few.

    How about looking at the total school budget and making honest and realistic cuts to overhead? For example, do we really need to be paying EdD or PhD salaries for ASSISTANT principals in elementary schools? Does everyone NEED a secretary these days to answer phones and type letters when we pretty much all use a computer?

    PGCPS spends a huge amount per student, yet our student results are among the lowest in the state. Giving the schools more tax money is NOT a solution.

  3. Sir, I too will not participate in answering the survey because of the very limited and unthought through options.
    May I suggest that we tap into the unlimited pool of volunteer/retired workers in Prince George’s County. These are hard working people who are very much seeking new adventures responsibilies.

    Here’s the comphensation: Allow them a tax break at the end of the year.

    All we need then is county provided insurance coverage, background checks, and crowd control at the sign-up office.

    Thinking outside the box.


    Gregg Wells

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