High Point High School Principal Removed


Assistant Principal Rebecca Garcia who has been named Acting Principal of High Point High School


According to a new story from the Washington Post, High Point High School Principal Michael Brooks has been reassigned.

Brooks has been under fire for most of the last school year after parents, students, and leaders in the community questioned his ability to maintain order at the school. The fire exploded last week after a major riot on the campus led to arrests and a few students taken to the hospital. After video of that fight turned up on the internet and was published to our blog the assistant superintendent was dispatched to the school along with extra security and an extra assistant principal.

Today before a meeting with the Parent-Teacher Association Dr. Hite announced in a letter to parents that “We will be looking for someone who can reach out and engage parents, has experience in addressing the issues at hand, and who will best serve the diverse student population at High Point High School.” He also announced that current 11th Grade Assistant Principal Rebecca Garcia will take the helm of the school on an interim basis until a replacement is selected.

The termination of Brooks comes after months of being defended by Board Member Rosalind Johnson who represents High Point on the board of education and Superintendent Dr. Hite.

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4 thoughts on “High Point High School Principal Removed

  1. The violence and also aimless wandering of students in halls at HP is not new. For several years there was a deteriorating situation. Mr Brooks did not create it. But he knew what the situation was, and was ineffective after faculty and parents repeatedly urged strong action.

    However, the problems run deeper than the violent outburst that led to his dismissal. Since Mr. Brooks arrived in 2009, experienced faculty have left, and those who stayed believe that superficial and often ineffective guidance from the principal interfered with learing and faculty cooperation. Mr. Brooks often was disrespectful to staff and students. This deterioration was well known to the High School management consortium which had recommended his hiring, despite his thin previous administrative and teaching experience.

    Until an independent inquiry is made, mistakes in selection of the sorely needed effective leaders of high schools in the County are quite possible. Mr. Brooks was not the only person vested in his position. Will the school board have the energy to look into what the hiring of this well-intentioned man meant, what his continuation despite parent and faculty concerns proves about inability of senior officials to admit mistakes, and what his dismissal, caused literally by a riot, says about what it takes to remove ineffectual and unqualified academic leadership?

    The riot was only the tip of the iceberg.

  2. I worked at High Point High School While Mr. Brooks was principal and he was absolutely the worst principal that I have ever worked for! He refused to listen to his staff and you could tell the lack of professional respect that he had for us. I feel sorry for High Point but this was a GREAT fire!!!

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