Unions, community groups, plan major push for more money in education


Keep the Promise Rally Facebook Page.


Many of Maryland’s largest unions and progressive groups are joining forces with some of their most popular community and civic groups for a massive rally March 14th directed right at the state’s dominate party leaders. Democrats led by Governor Martin O’Malley and Senate President Mike Miller appear determined to cut the state’s budget and have given cool reception to any suggestion of tax increases to close the budget gap. Miller in particular has made dealing with the state’s pension problem a key goal for this legislative session but that doesn’t appear to be in line with the view of the organizers behind this project.

We’re rallying to ask the General Assembly to prevent devastating cuts to public education and the retirement security of educators, police, health care workers, librarians, and many more hard-working Marylanders.

These cuts will threaten the quality of our public school system and the quality of the public services that we depend on everyday.

As Maryland recovers from the recession brought on by the excesses of Wall Street, we urge legislators to keep their promises to Main Street and provide great public schools, great public services, and a great future for Maryland.

Join us on March 14! RSVP on Facebook, and then register on the Rally website here: www.rallytokeepthepromise.com

The event is expected to feature some of the progressive movements biggest personalities including AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka.
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