Student & Parent leaders charge Jacobs & Beck w/ cover-up in High Point violence

Students say Hite was at High Point High School only two days before the fight, Parent leader says board members told not to visit High Point without Hite’s permission

Last night we reported on a video we had received which showed a fight in the halls of High Point High School. In the video which lasted for well over a minute and started in the door of a classroom no teachers, security, or administrators ever appear to break up the situation. The fight didn’t stop until other students got involved.

After posting that video we received hundreds of comments from parents, students, and just people in the community. However we also received a few who put the blame for most of what is happening at High Point at the feet of the Board of Education. We talked about the blame Rosalind Johnson has been getting but after talking to a few other people Board Chairwoman Jeana Jacobs and Vice-Chair Donna Beck also are under fire.

When these problems first started a friend of mine suggested I talk to Ms. Beck. She told me that Ms. Beck knew everything and would help us. So I asked Ms. Beck what was being done about our school and she brushed me off. I was shocked because my friend had told me how helpful she would be. It was at that point I knew all was lost. — High Point Parent

A member of the High Point Student Government pointed out Dr. Hite had visited the school on an “announced” visit just two days before the fight broke out.

Our administration absolutely agrees on matter with the student government, but every single time we try to give advice about administration or security, we get shut down! There really is no point of student government anymore! No one listens anymore! Because it’s all about politics! I just recently went to a school board meeting, it was all politics. I just recently went to the 2011 MD inaugural with Governor O’Malley and Lt. Governor Brown, it was all politics. TWO DAYS before this nonsense, SUPERINTENDENT Dr. Hire was at High Point!!! For a county SGA meeting, it was all politics! When the hell does education and safety come into the picture! Stop thinking like politicians and start treating us as if we were your own children! Cut the act!– Student Government Leader

A parent who lives two blocks from the school also said after speaking to Donna Beck she left even more outraged.

I bumped into Donna Beck at one of those meetings that you see basically the same people at and she gave me a slight smile and told me Dr. Hite had assured her there was no problem. I was just shocked. Frankly she just didn’t seem interested at all.– High Point Parent

A member of the school PTA says she was told by a member of the board that they could not visit the school on their own without permission from Dr. Hite.

I never wanted to believe that the board would ignore our plea if they had seen what we see everyday so whenever I see one of them I always invite them to the school. One day one of them told me she couldn’t. She said the board had a policy that didn’t allow them to go to a school unless they asked Dr. Hite first and he and Rosalind Johnson don’t allow it.– High Point Parent

In email after email parents and students say their request to Rosalind Johnson and board chair Jeana Jacobs to get more involved in the issue at High Point went ignored. Most of them say their requests are often rebuffed and others say they went just plainly unanswered. We have put in requests to both Donna Beck and Jeana Jacobs seeking a comment. As of print we had not received any.

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One thought on “Student & Parent leaders charge Jacobs & Beck w/ cover-up in High Point violence

  1. I think Dr.Hite, Rosalind Johnson, Donna Beck, and Jeana Jacobs ought to be removed from the School Board of Education, along with Mr.Brooks. How could these people work for the School Board of Education, when they obviously don’t care about the students? How can you ignore parents AND students who were/are calling out for help? They’re just as bad as the principal, hiding when things get out of control. My mother and I have sent countless emails to both Dr.Hite and the ex-principal of High Point High School, in regards of safety and security at High Point, as well as our education. We have been ignored constantly, and both of them sent us around aimlessly in hopes of finding help. They should all be replaced with people that can actually help the PG community, because we need to be heard, and they need to go NOW.

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