New video of fight at High Point HS has Rosalind Johnson and Hite under fire

Video of a fight at High Point High School uploaded to Youtube has Dr. Hite and School Board Member Rosalind Johnson in the hot seat.

In a video recently uploaded to Youtube a group of black students appear to target a group of Hispanic students in a fight recorded inside the High Point High School hallway. The clip is more than a minute long and starts in a classroom door with an argument and then the eventual beat down. Despite the fact that the clip shows the fight moving down three different halls for a good amount of time without the presence of any administrators, teachers, or campus security. The tape has alarmed parents in the community.

Ros is such a waste and does nothing but take up for the principal…i plan ok taking my daughter out…when videos like this surface…where is the principal and leadership!! Hiding! Ros only comes around during election season

Another parent leader blasted Dr. Hite, Rosalind Johnson, and even members of their legislative delegation.

Look for months we’ve complained about the lack of real administrative leadership at this school. We’ve talked to everybody, Dr. Hite, Ros Johnson, Barbara Frush, hell everybody. Nobody has listened to us. Nobody. We then sought out the help of one board member who did help us, Edward Burroughs, and the rest of the board punished him for it.

Another parent said her son is too afraid to attend classes and he won’t until the Principal is removed.

I just do not trust anything Dr. Hite has to say anymore. He promised our school would be safe and this proves it is not. My son told me in December he was afraid to go to school. Seeing this video I know why. At no point did any teacher or security ever appear.

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75 thoughts on “New video of fight at High Point HS has Rosalind Johnson and Hite under fire

  1. It’s about damn time that our politicians are coming to realize security & administration is the most important thing to worry about. A building full of 13-18 year olds is not suppose to be dangerous. A school is not suppose to be dangerous. Food fights should not turn into riots with 300+ students, never the less occur at all! Where was our security? Sleeping in the hallways like they always do? Or talking to random students like they always do? Where was our administration? And you wonder why students drop out of school. Who would want to go to a place to be “educated” that is no longer a school, but a zoo. And when the students complain about security not doing their job, WHY doesn’t anyone believe us! This is ridiculous!!!

  2. Finally! The terrible and mediocre precautions made at High Point get local attention. The lack of leadership in teachers, security, and adminstration is embarrassing for Prince George’s County Public School’s. Obviously they need help, and by ‘they’ I mean the school staff as a whole.

  3. This is ridiculous I have attended high point for four years and no where has it been this worse until now. When I was a freshman Mr. Smith actually put a bit of fear in the student body, but Mr. Brooks doesn’t show that. If he did this situation would of not taken place. There are actual cameras in the school why wasn’t anyone monitoring them. This is horrible the fact that I walked into the cafeteria Thursday and saw 7 police officers really made me fear high points future, as a senior please take heed to this video and make a change, I have siblings that still go to high point and I would be very upset if this were to happen to them.

  4. By the way, every student at High Point has credibility to speak on this issue, because throughout the year..we have all witnessed something that should never happen in any school. Being the student government president, the 42 students in my organization and me have previously already tried to speak to administration about how security is falling behind in doing their job. We have done what we can. We have tried many times. However, everytime we raise our voices…the only replies we get are ..”well what privileges can we take away? How can we get students to do this? To do that? If we go on a no-pass policy, they’ll HAVE to stay in class, if we have hall sweeps, they’ll HAVE to go to detention.” Honestly? We’re teenagers and there’s a point where we rebel. We know security doesn’t really care as much as they should. So why would my peers not fight? They’ve never gotten in trouble for it before. It’s nothing new. So instead of our administration focusing on what to take away with us, they need to focus on themselves. On how to do their jobs and how to keep us safe. Because ultimately it IS about the STUDENTS & everyone needs to stop forgetting that!

    • Thank you very much for your statements and comments. We actually have been getting a LOT of them. I was wondering if you would mind if we published this statement below tomorrow on our site?

      • Feel free to publish any of my comments! Or to contact me. I would love to be involved with this issue.

      • If I were you I wouldn’t post any SLANDEROUS statements…..Until you get the full account of what really happened this is just hear say from a child……pure SLANDER….read the legal term for that word….

      • If I were you I wouldn’t post any SLANDEROUS statements…..Until you get the full account of what really happened this is just hear say from a child……pure SLANDER….read the legal term for that word….

  5. Nobody listens to the “good students” because they’re all lumped in with the rest of the lot. A child’s truth is honestly worth nothing compared to an adult’s assumption. It’s come to the point where instead of making a change and saying something, students (including myself), instead of sticking together, just wait out the bullshit excuse of a highSCHOOL experience in order to graduate. example “Man, this school is so wack….thank God I’m a senior”. Maybe if teachers, parents, and administration would take time to listen to what their students and children are saying, we would have better schools. Why do you need a chart or a news report to open your frekin eyes? We’re making your job easy for you and all you have to do is listen, but…sadly you don’t because we’re “children”. Well…all i can say to that is “THANK GOD I’M A SENIOR”

  6. How many years did it took for you guys to realize that High Point High School has a lack of leadership and administration. This video is one of many other events that happened in this school. This is not a once in year issue,this is just one of many incidents. They have security guards that attempt to do something when they are called after the incident happened, just because they are to lazy to run a few steps or hall ways. The school has cameras all over and they are working. Question is, Who is behind these cameras? No one. Then what’s the point of cameras and security guards if it’s the same as if we didn’t have any of those resources. What is a having a safe school environment anymore? Rosalind Johnson and Hite, clearly don’t have a clue of what’s really going on in the PGCPS system, simply because when they go visit the schools,the dirty spots are covered up by the school’s administration. Be a little more spontaneous and take of the suit and visit a school. This is unacceptable!

  7. The school High point high is a complete disaster! The principle cannot manage the school, and security is too laid back, they’re practically getting paid for nothing. They in force strict uniform policies and uniform suspensions when they should worry about the safety of the children. The teachers also are horrible, they can careless whether the student it in class or not, most of the time they kick them out.

    Over all high point needs a new principle and new security.
    When such heinous acts of violence accur security takes there time coming up the stairs, in no hurry at all.
    The security probably causes more damage to the kid with the rough handling. In one case one of the security slapped a kids head on the ground, such rough acts shall be stopped!
    Do us all a favor and shut that crap hole school down.

  8. Last point….Why appoint a student government when you only back them up when they’re supporting you?…ok…now im done

  9. Our school has never witnessed a riot so large as the one that occurred last thursday. School is supposed to be a safe learning enviornment for students not a place full of violence. Security is not doing their job, they are paid to protect us and keep an orderly building yet it seems they know most of the poorly behaved students as friends. It is unfair for our parents to pay tax money for our educations and have their children afraid to go to school. Our principal wasn’t even in the building the day this riot occurred, it seems as if he’s never in the building when we have fights and when he is what does he do about it? nothing. he hides from it. This video is just a tip of the iceberg. I would challenge any political figure to come walk in the students of high point’s shoes for a week and see how “safe” they feel at this school given how the administration acts, reacts, or prevents situations. Its a scary thing to know how much them seem to not care about childrens safety and they do care about losing their job. Well, if you DID your job to begin with and didnt try to cut cornors or take leave you wouldnt be worried about being in the “hot seat” now would you?

  10. I very much so agree with Kobina Arthur. Our administration absolutely agrees on matter with the student government, but every single time we try to give advice about administration or security, we get shut down! There really is no point of student government anymore! No one listens anymore! Because it’s all about politics! I just recently went to a school board meeting, it was all politics. I just recently went to the 2011 MD inaugural with Governor O’Malley and Lt. Governor Brown, it was all politics. TWO DAYS before this nonsense, SUPERINTENDENT Dr. Hire was at High Point!!! For a county SGA meeting, it was all politics! When the hell does education and safety come into the picture! Stop thinking like politicians and start treating us as if we were your own children! Cut the act!

    • I’m interested in talking with students who witnessed the most recent fight or others. I understand a lot of students recorded the most recent brawl on their cell phones and am interested in seeing any of the other video out there that exists. Please email or call me asap. Thanks!

      • Have you considered maybe talking with the adults who know more about the situation instead of relying on what the children say??? Have you even taken into account that maybe this alleged riot was not as bad as it seems???? It seems to me that you all have passed judgement on the administration without truly getting the full account……that’s what I called lopsided reporting…..very shady reporting…

      • There are more than a dozen teachers who worked at that school who have either commented on this blog, in news paper stories, or are directly quoted in the reporting of these events. We aren’t sure about you but to us any riot of any kind is bad there aren’t levels to it. The video which has since been taking down from Youtube showed a group of students fighting in the hallway for more than five minutes without any adult intervention. The very next day half a dozen students were “arrested” for another riot. To gloss over these problems is a sad statement on your part.

      • Again you don’t know what you’re speaking on…..LIES LIES and more LIES… obvious thats what this blog is about….condeming people….shameful… shows your lack of integrity to report truth….

  11. The fact that us students of high point are taking our time to comment on this article in order to hope fot changes shows you that we care about our education, enviornment, and the future of the school. Why is it that we are having to reach out over and over again through emails, parents, ptsa, and now this in order to be heard? Shouldn’t schools and the school board have listened the first time? This video should not be the point where Dr.Hite and Rossaland realize they are under pressure. Dr. Hite KNOWS of the occurances at our school and yet chooses to ignore them as does our principal and in turn tries to HIDE them for fear of bad publicity. SOLVE the issue, dont just brush it under the rug! It’s not their name and reputation on the line, its our education and well-being!!

  12. I know I siad “last point” on my last point but, we can’t put ALL the blame on just the adults. I know all of my fellow classmates, who are at least ATTEMPTING to do something useful, notice a lack in discipline and just common household, good ol’, common sense and manners. The underclassmen just get more aimless every year and this is the result

  13. Also, it’s funny to see how uniforms were supposed to correct the student bodies violent behaviors yet we seem to have more and more fights, food fights, roits, class disruption, and students cutting class. I don’t believe uniforms to have corrected anything esspecially when outsiders were involved in the riot thursday but were never caught. If anything gang members find other ways to show affiliation while wearing a blue polo and khaki pants. they way administration is hiding the events of our school may show uniforms to have done a justice but in fact nothing has improved, it seems only worse.

  14. I am a student at high point and yes I am afraid to come to school not because I’m scared of being jumped but I’m scared someone will bring a gun to school eventually. The teachers and students are all in panic everyday. We complain. But no one ever listens. The fights are often and there are always at least 75 kids in the hallway during class time everyday. I cannot concentrate in my classes because of the distractions in the hallway. Someone anyone please help!

  15. As I read the comments I see where others said they were shut down when trying to express their concerns. I have tried on several occasions to express our issues to our administration however I was ignored and instead of listening I recieves nothing more than animosity. The student body is sick and tired of this. The administration only cares about hall sweeps which have proven time and time again to be ineffective.

  16. It’s so sad that things have had to escalate to this level in order for people to realize how corrupt the administration is at High Point. I graduated last year, and things were bad then, but it’s frightening to realize how bad things have gotten. Previous comments from students are completely correct. The security team does NOT do its job. Instead, it fraternizes with the students who wander the halls during class time and who constantly require security to lead them to in school suspension. Since they are friends, those students have the freedom to roam hallways without penalty. What students are getting punished, then? Those that are in class and who perhaps need to use the bathroom in the middle of the day. THEY get asked for passes. THEY get asked to hurry and not loiter.

    The administration is ridiculous. It wonders what it can do to stop the violence when in fact, they encourage it by giving troublesome students a free pass to do whatever they’d like. I think those of us who have/had been at High Point for a few years definitely saw this coming. And when there is a group of students within the school who is constantly trying to improve its conditions [SGA], they get shot down.

    Brooks doesn’t run High Point. The people in this video run the school THROUGH him.

  17. Honeslty i feel as though the same people commit these same crimes constantly but do not get serious punishment for them. The administrativer team are failing to fix this. The security KNOW who these kids are but refuse to say anything because they’re “friends” with them leaving 50 loitering kids in the hallway. its gotten absolutely ridiculous! the handful of students that skip & roam the hallways only want to make trouble and give High Point a bad name! people are getting hurt&they arent safe anymore.

  18. oh now he’s a bad principal but when i said this last year and in the meeting a couple months ago it was considered a personal attack on the principal and why would anyone do this to such a wonderful person. Wake up people the mans incompetent hes blowing county money that could be redirected to getting teachers on crap we dont need. Hes a bad leader scaring off the good teachers and keeping those that are willing to follow his bad policies or are in no position to say something about him, ive honestly seen more teachers retire or leave our system under his administration then that of Mr Smith but of course this is all a coincidence. But of course none of this matters to Ros as far as shes sees it the people in Beltsville are just being racist even though High Point is one of the most diverse schools in Prince Georges County. Its what happened in Beltsville academy and its whats happening now at High Point. Honestly we need fairness in our school system if the man cant do his job he should be fired, not kept because he is of a certain skin color or because he hires my relatives. But of course this will probably be dismissed as just another crazy allegation and no change will come it sad but its what the system has come to make us believe. Im speaking as someone who has advocated for a better education system and as recent graduate of High Point.

  19. I honestly think it’s a shame for anyone to look at high point as a ghetto school, but with everything that goes on, it is hard to defend it. There have been many times where there are kids in the hallway about to fight or simply hanging out and do not get in trouble. YET, when I walk outside the classroom I am constantly stopped or forced to get back into class when I have a hall pass. Security guards befriend the students who skip class, and that’s why they keep doing it…because they believe they can get away with it.
    Too many fights have happened in the cafeteria with no one around to stop it. Students have to jump in and stop it and they automatically get angered when someone hits them and then it turns into an even bigger brawl. They have people like Mr. Petrulo and Ms. Garcia in the cafeteria to watch over a couple hundred of kids and keep things in order; but what can they do??? NOTHING! We need more security guards, police officers, anything to keep order in the school.

    It’s annoying to have to walk a different way everytime you see a bunch of ignorant kids in the stairwell . Its annoying to have people who are doing the right things be suspended for being late to class when there are people who fight and skip, and still reside in the hallways. It’s A SHAME that I am used to everything that happens at high point, which includes: Fights, Food Fights, Kids talking back to teachers, Students Skipping,etc.
    ^^That right there, is the regular high point life and until you get someone to really crack down on the kids who are DOING WRONG…nothing will change!And I feel bad for anyone who has to attend and deal with the ignorant environment at High Point after my class graduates!

  20. I used to go to high point. I’ve gone there for three and a half years. never in my three and a half years of enrollment has this ever happened. living in pennsylvania has completely changed my point of view on security. My school in PA recently had a bomb threat that was handled terribly. but everyday security is ridiculously tight. high point needs the security we have up here. every student passes through metal detectors every day. If they see your phone at lunch, it’s gone. No administrator up here says “put it away,” it’s “give it to me now.” little things like that show students that they don’t run the school. I’m sad i have to say this, but i always thought high point, (what i consider to be my true high school), was a fun place to learn and see my friends. i read about nonsense like this from PA and can’t help but worry about the welfare of my friends. Knowing high point has degraded itself that much is a shame to the community, and a shame to the students. not every student out there acts like he’s in MS. that’s stupid. believe it or not, a lot of students have a lot of sense. For high point to be considered a school that it’s portraying just isn’t right. maybe it’s time arrest for creating an unsafe environment, and first degree assault and battery were added to the student code of conduct, as in jail time. if students want to act like stupid adults, they deserve to be punished like adults.

  21. Agreed. It just kind of goes to show how much Highpoint can desensitize someone to matters like this. Most of my friends are I are surprised to see things like this happen, given all the fights we’ve seen you would think that we would have a stronger reaction to it, but sadly that isn’t the case. Its high time they removed the principle though, I really didn’t like the way he was directing security. Why would they let the students talk casually with security while they are SKIPPING?

  22. I totally agree with everyone’s statement. I have nothing but issues with the Principal Mr. Brooks and Dr. hite and Mrs. Johnson do nothing but give lip service. I have dealt with this mess called High Point for the past six years. Ever since Mr. Brooks arrived on the scene it has gotten progressively worse. I have been in that building when there were so many children in the hallway you thought classes were still changing. Anytime I have been there I have never seen anyone other than the one Sherrif that sits at the front door.

    He not olny has no control over the building, he knew nothing of the policies and procedures in order to properly run the school and ensure that our children were receiving every opportunity to receive a good education. He refuses to face parents that complain, putting them off on the secretary or hiding so that he doesnt have to face you.

    How many parent know that there are substitutes teaching their children when there is supposed to be a highly qualified teacher in front of their children? How many parents are aware that anyone who wanted to take AP classes were allowed to take it even though ther are strict requirements for taking college level courses? How many parents are aware that the school’s data shows that over 50% of the children taking AP courses are failing the exams? How many people know that in the last meeting about truancy the administration actually told the community that they contacted parents about attendance in JANUARY!!!! What? Schools are required to deal with attendance on a monthly and quarterly basis…How many of us have received that attendance call they keep talking about? Not me? I have NEVER receied an attendance call.

    Wake up parents….demand that they treat our children like thestudents that attend the “Blue Ribbon or President’s” schools.

    • If you’re advocating for what is right…then check your own children…you and the rest of these people throw out slanderous statements about Mr. Brooks…but you have no evidence to back it up….It’s obvious that you know nothing about how to run a school and policies and procedures that go along with it because if you did you would pull it together and talk or as you say ADVOCATE with other parents with out of control kids to pull it together…the bottow line is you people send your out of control kids to school, you don’t teach them how to behave, or give them a sense of what a good education means, and expect the school to raise them….Check yourself first before throwing out slanderous statments advocater…. SMH

    • You wouldn’t know what was right if it showed up in your face…..advocating to crucify someone instead of trying to get to the truth…..advocate for your children to be decent respectable law abiding citizens…not thugs, or gang members.

      • You wouldn’t know what was right if it showed up in your face…..advocating to crucify someone instead of trying to get to the truth…..advocate for your children to be decent respectable law abiding citizens…not thugs, or gang members.

  23. High school should be a time for memories to be made, not a period of life that you want to end as quickly as it starts. I’m certain most reasonable students wouldn’t want any of their future children to attend such a school. I have no earthly idea why our politically capable leaders refuse to take some action against such an atrocity. People are spending the last years as a teenager living in what has become nothing more than an abomination of a school.

    No one should really be surprised. At this point, High Point is at an all time low. Our leaders are trying to pull the rug over the broken glass. They don’t want anyone to find out about their screw ups. What more do Ros and Hite want? Our uniform policy is poorly enforced. Our lunches are practically entertainment venues when it comes to fighting. Our security fails to the point where they need reliance on police from out of the school. They’ve ignored all of the community’s pleas. They don’t look at the problem at hand, which is their inability to lead. They focus more on how they can take more away from us. Why? I’m sure they know they’re doing a terrible job. They know full well that they’re just trying to save face. It hasn’t worked. With HP’s problems, but more importantly, their incapability as leaders out in the open, one can only assume some sort of reform to come. If it doesn’t, it proves what everyone has been saying before that much more.

  24. What had happened last week should’ve never had to happen. It’s already bad enough people look at us sideways whenever ‘High Point’ comes up in a conversation outside of school. This is my final year at HP, as well as class ’11, & I really don’t think it’s fair to have our year to end the way it is. Since Mr. Brooks replaced Mr. Smith, he hasn’t done much of anything for us. High Point has always been given a bad name, & truth of the matter is, we are so much better than this. We’re way better than what everyone else proclaims us to be, and High Point really isn’t a bad school. I mean, yeah we lack leadership, security, & supervision. We’ve got a few students who want to act out of order, but every school has them. Despite what happened last Thursday, High Point High School has some of the most talented, well educated students I have ever seen. So little of us are recognized just because we attend HPHS. We need someone who can help us students achieve higher goals, and someone who can lead us to the light at the tunnel, we need someone who can understand us. This year we’ve had more absences, suspensions, & classroom disruptions, all because of a uniform violation, or a few students are a few seconds late to class. How can people see the good in us when we’re all being treated like we’re all bad kids? We handle ourselves pretty well, & all we need are respected adults that are willing to cooperate with us as a school. I suggest they also take a good look at our teachers – Mr. Brooks isn’t the only one who deserves to get fired.

      • Use common sense Mr. Brooks can’t get fired from High Point…he still works in the county….You can’t fire someone from a school….shows how much you know….which is obviously nothing…

  25. This incident that happened at High Point last Thursday was a big shock. Its really sad because when people here that you go to “high point” they automatically think its a terrible school and your a bad person. High point is not a bad school; it just has a few bad apples that spoil the rest of the bunch. Now that Mr. Brooks is fired, hopefully we’ll find a new principal that will actually improve things. Teachers and other authority in the school also need to take a good look at themselves. They treat students with disrespect and that’s exactly what they get back. Maybe if they (school authority) change their attitude towards the students, then the students wont be so disrespectful. We are young adults and we deserve to be treated like that; not like we’re animals. Also, hallsweeps don’t help the amount of skipping at all. Good students can still come late in the morning because they overslept. Then they have to face the consequences which is going to SSC and missing their class. That makes no sense; you miss your whole class just because you came late when coming late is better than not coming at all. Well, I hope High Point gets better. I am a sophomore and I dont want the rest of my year to feel like I’m in jail.

  26. I am so baffled that adults are commending this E. Burroughs for getting the “job done”. This young man is barely 19, just graduated from PGCPS, and knows NOTHING about the inner workings of the education system. In actuality what has he TRULY DONE???? For starters, as an educator of 16+ years it behooves me to see that adults posting comments about how he is “shaking” things up and giving this kid kudos when in fact- he is JUST A KID. Let’s get real……He represents district 8 and I am sure there are many truancy issues that are present in the high schools located there, he claims that civic leaders, real estate executives, and elected officials are telling him that the students are out of control or being stabbed on a daily basis, and that he’s not going to sit back…..if he knew anything about proper protocol, he would’ve alerted District 1’s school board member, Dr. Hite, and expressed the concerns that he was getting from fellow citizens….There was an action plan in place…but the bottom line with this whole ordeal was conspiracy and sabotage. People throwing out misleading accusations about the principal, slandering his name, causing a major uproar within the school and community, and just right out lying……..People really need to stay in their lane of expertise……and it’s obvious this KID needs to work on tossing pizzas at Dominos…and stay out of grown college educated people’s business……

  27. Who the hell is this greeneyes person? you done nothing but post negative comments on this story and its not appreciated. If you feel all the educated college people know best, why don’t you take some action? And Edward may nut be the best, but were you perfect as a teenager? Why don’t you tell everyone who you are if you think you’re so much better than everyone here. Do you really think the teachers know more than the students when it comes to this fight? I’m pretty sure there were like two security guards there when it happened and if you’re lucky, MAYBE one teacher, but its unnecessary for you to write hate on this blog. Edward may not have taken a lot effective action, but he has inspired less negativity in our high school community.

    • Evan it obvious that you are a child and know NOTHING about the struggles that educators have to deal with… are a waste of my time….grow up, go to college, become a professional, then in 4 years come back and talk to me in a professional tone…..your comments shows your aptitude…..And to clarify it’s not hate that I right…just correcting some inaccurate information….what others as well as you post hatred words about the administration etc……I speak truth and logic…I don’t look to crucify individuals….plus I am not hiding I am easy found……

      • Haha ok thank you very much Mr. moneybags college man. you are posting a lot of hate. the administration was at fault otherwise that wouldn’t have happened.

      • That’s your opinion……again speak on what children speak on stay out of grown COLLEGE EDUCATED PEOPLE’s business….you are starting to make yourself look ignorant……

      • Great, so you’re a kid, & most of us are turning into adults. Either way, if your so against what we have to say, then LEAVE this page, it’s obviously not made for someone that knows NOTHING we all know about High Point. You’re the only one on this entire thread that has nothing positive or supportive to say. This was meant for the students of High Point to express OUR opinion on the current incidents, in which you don’t really play apart of. No one knows your name or who you are and your wasting everyones time by bashing everyones opinions. Your obviously a kid, a real immature one at that, because you like to fiend off of other peoples differing ideas you poorly mannered, uneducated jerk.

      • That’s your opinion……again speak on what children speak on stay out of grown COLLEGE EDUCATED PEOPLE’s business….you are starting to make yourself look ignorant……

      • Megan you are a waste of time….when you go to college…if you ever make it…you will be nothing but a peon..pretty much like what you are now…All you do is exaggerate your bogus views of nothingness….so continue doing what you do and that’s live in ignorant bliss…..that’s my viewpoint….

      • jerk??? LOL!!!!! look in the mirror first before passing judgment Megan….KARMA….reflect on some of your wrong doings….and lies you have stated….

    • Evan it obvious that you are a child and know NOTHING about the struggles that educators have to deal with… are a waste of my time….grow up, go to college, become a professional, then in 4 years come back and talk to me in a professional tone…..your comments shows your aptitude…..And to clarify it’s not hate that I right…just correcting some inaccurate information….what others as well as you post hatred words about the administration etc……I speak truth and logic…I don’t look to crucify individuals….plus I am not hiding I am easy found……

  28. All of the students at high point are saying the same thing. I guess that means either we’re all blind and can’t see the truth, or you’re just stupid and can’t realize that the students are right.

    • Stupidity lies within your statement….so yes I guess you are all stupid….for not knowing what TRUTH is versus LIES….Obvious lying is what you were taught… kudos to you and your parents….it will come back to haunt you…..remember what is done in the dark always come to the light….

    • Stupidity lies within your statement….so yes I guess you are all stupid….for not knowing what TRUTH is versus LIES….Obvious lying is what you were taught… kudos to you and your parents….it will come back to haunt you…..remember what is done in the dark always come to the light….

  29. … you’re an idiot. Lol I can’t wait till all of the students you’ve called stupid see this. Oh and “obvious lying is what you were taught” is incorrect. It’s actually “obviously” learn some grammar college man, woman, being, whatever you are

    • Apparently grammar is not your strong point…..but stupidity is…..learn some grammar kid.

  30. And what is this? Judgement day? “what is done in the dark…. will haunt you.” Haha thanks for the warning Harold camping!

    • Just wait…Karma…’re big and bad….lets just see how big and bad you really are…..SLANDER and Defamation of Character….look it up….

  31. Ok? Good point. Let’s just take my accusation on you and use it against me. Except…. wait a second! I’m not the one who’s writing incorrectly! If you’re so smart college person, why don’t you come up with something original? And its hilarious that you say I’m not worth your time because YOU’RE STILL RESPONDING! Big intellectual college have nothing better to do but sit around and try to relive their high school days by getting involved with high schools they know nothing about! I didn’t slanderize or whatever the hell you want to call it. I actually complimented Edward and stuck up for him. So I hope you feel really big picking on high school kids. Truth is, you’re not worth my time, and every student in high point is worth more than you.

  32. You keep talking about karma when you’re being the biggest jerk out of everyone on here when YOU KNOW NOTHING! SHUT UP! Megan is more talented than you are so you have no right to be saying she’s worthless when all you’re doing is being hateful. I’m really starting to think that you are some stupid hateful kid who sits in his basement and starts crap on purpose because a COLLEGE GRAD wouldn’t be scared to put there name out there. But maybe they just aren’t proud of who they are cause they know they’re a bad person or went to a crappy school. So do whatever floats your boat buddy-boy:)

    • Wow Evan are you mad?!?!!? I know way more than you think….but in the end you, as well as, Megan and others at HP will suffer tremendously…..Hateful is what everyone else has posted…I am defending…if my messages hurt you…so what….comments about the admin and others were equally as hurtful…so take your own advice and SHUT TO THE UP!!!!!!!

  33. why don’t you tell us who you are mr. greeneyes? everybody here has been open with their identity, so why hide yours?

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