Prince George’s Continues to Grow

We heard it all through the campaign season. They say it all the time. Prince George’s County has taxes that are too high. The schools in Prince George’s are so bad that people are fleeing the county as a result. Crime is out of control. Government is corrupt and just can’t be trusted. Remember all that? It doesn’t meet the facts.

Today Prince George’s County Executive Rushern Baker announced what many had expected already, these were lies and in fact Prince George’s County is growing.

According to Census numbers recently released the population in Prince George’s County now stands about 863,420. This is a 61,905 increase over the numbers reported in 2000. As Mr. Baker put it better than anyone else can, “This data proves that Prince George’s County continues to be a place where every year more and more people choose to live and raise their families.”

Complete Statement from Rushern Baker – Executive of Prince George’s County


For immediate release:

February 9, 2011

For Information Contact:

Angela D. Wright, Director of Communications

(240) 619-9531

Scott L. Peterson, Acting Press Secretary

(240) 619-9400


“According to U.S. Census data released today, Prince George’s County’s population is 863,420.   This is an increase of 61,905 (7.7%) residents since the 2000 census of 801,515.  This data proves that Prince George’s County continues to be a place where every year more and more people choose to live and raise their families.  Prince George’s County government is dedicated to providing the highest standards of services to every one of our residents.

However, this growth in population also comes with a challenge to our infrastructure, schools, and overall quality of life.  Subsequently, I will be working hard to secure federal and state financial assistance that matches our population growth, as well as working towards fair and equal redistricting of county-wide political representation. Over the next decade, it is my goal to not just continue the growth of the population, but to prioritize “smart-growth” of Prince George’s County in terms of economic development, jobs, better schools, more effective and efficient government and imploring better and more sustainable methods of living and growing.

Prince George’s County has been a wonderful home to me and my family for nearly 30 years, and I am proud that so many more have chosen to make this county their home.”


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