Council names redistricting commission of all democrats

The Prince George’s County Council met today in one of their first full sessions since they took office last December. First on the agenda was naming a redistricting commission for the county. Every ten years the county council, state legislature, congress, and other representative districts are redrawn following the census and that is no different in Prince George’s.

Under the Prince George’s County Charter any political party who collects more than 15% of the popular vote for all council seats in the last election has the ability to name two members to the redistricting commission. In January the central committees nominate a list of five who the council picks two from. The council then can select their own third candidate who chairs the body. This year however because the GOP failed to get 15% of the overall vote in the county last year they failed to earn any representation on the redistricting commission.

According to official results from the Prince George’s County Board of Elections the Republicans took 3% of the total vote while the Democrats dominated the election with more than 96% of the vote.

From the list forwarded to the council from Prince George’s County Democratic Central Committee Chair Norma Lindsay, fmr. Senator David Harrington and fmr. Democratic Central Committeewoman Tamara Davis Brown were selected. The council then named Sharon Taylor who from what we believe is her Facebook account says she works for the county as a Communications Strategist.

The commission will have until September to work on drawing the new legislative lines for the council and report back to the county council for approval. The council did not release the names of the others on the list sent to them from the democratic organization.

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