Mission of Love Leader Under Fire for Pro-Johnson Advocacy

Douglas Edwards is not really a household name to many in Prince George’s County, however his advocacy in support of District 6 Councilwoman Leslie Johnson might be starting to become a problem for not only him but his organization as well. Douglas Edwards is the President/CEO & Founder of Mission of Love Charities, one of Prince George’s most successful health and human services organizations. However Edwards isn’t making headlines off of the good work his charities does, but instead as a result of a group he is leading to fight the actions taken by Council Chairwoman Ingrid Turner stripping Leslie Johnson of the ability to vote or participate in committee meetings. Edwards and his group are also outraged at the decision that cost Johnson her power to oversee development projects in her district, a privilege normally offered to other district representatives to push through proposals that impact their communities.

A report from the Maryland Board of Elections on all donations from Douglas Edwards over the last four years

After it became public that Edwards was the leader of the group demanding the council reinstate all of Leslie Johnson’s powers some community activist questioned if his involvement violated the IRS status of the Mission of Love Charities. Douglas Edwards according to other sources has rebutted those concerns by stressing his involvement has been solely as a district 6 resident and not as President of MOL. In fact a simple view of the Maryland Board of Elections Campaign Finance Database shows no contributions from Edwards to Johnson over the last four years. However it does show a Douglas Edwards (we haven’t confirmed it to be this Edwards) who has donated more than $2,300 to other candidates, one of them being Johnson’s opponent in the primary Arthur Turner. According to Board of Elections records a Douglas Edwards has donated about $200 to Turner who after calling for Johnson not to take the oath of office, changed course and is now a leading advocate for her powers to be restored. Also in the report with the Board of Elections Douglas Edwards donated more than $1,300 to fmr. Councilman Sam Dean’s Servant of the People Unity Slate. He also donated $100 a piece to Martin O’Malley and Anthony Brown but the shocker seems to be the $200 he donated to Bob Ehrlich’s campaign.

Douglas Edwards group has been fighting behind the scenes to ensure that according to them their community is not taxed without full representation. The County Council has not shown any indication they might be open to reviewing or reconsidering their decision to take away any of Johnson’s powers as of yet.

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