GOP is the New Black?

Is the GOP the new black? Well that is what a group of party activist coming to Prince George’s later this week hope will be the case. When the Raging Elephents arrive in Prince George’s on the 7th they plan to bring their mission to lead America’s “2nd Emancipation” in Maryland’s second largest jursidiction and one of America’s most wealth majority black counties. So who are the Raging Elephants?

The organization which is led by Apostle Claver of Texas says they are dedicated to educated black voters about the conservative cause through leading boot camps and other trainings around the country. Heather Olsen, Secretary of the PGGOP, says “I’m hopeful we will be able to adopt the Raging Elephants program in Prince George’s”, but she acknowledged, “that will depend on support from the committee, willingness to get involved on the part of volunteers, and availability of funding.”

The training which is open to all republicans will take place on January 7th at the office of the Republican Central Committee at 9420 Annapolis Road, Lanham, MD starting at 7PM.

The training will take place just weeks before fmr. Maryland Lt. Governor Michael Steele, who became the first black chairman of the GOP two years ago, faces an uphill battle to keep his seat. How the potential of Steele being booted out of office might impact outreach to other blacks will have to be seen.

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