Speaker Promotes PG Delegates While Slapping One on the Last Committee They Wanted

Delegate Marvin Holmes (23B) who will chair the House Democratic Caucus in the next session

Yesterday news broke that Maryland Speaker Michael Busch rewarded Prince George’s County for our resounding support of Martin O’Malley with major appointments in the next General Assembly. Currently Delegate Carolyn JB Howard (Deputy Speaker Pro Temp), Delegate James Hubbard (Asst. Majority Leader), Delegate Doyle Niemann (Deputy Majority Whip), and Delegate Michael Vaughn (Deputy Majority Whip) already serve in leadership positions. In the next session Delegates Marvin Holmes (Deputy Majority Whip) and Justin Ross (Chief Deputy Majority Whip) will take over the House Democratic Caucus as Chair and Vice-Chair respectively. With their new appointments Holmes will leave the Whip team as Ross keeps his role as a Chief Deputy Majority Whip.

Also in the release from the Speaker’s Office today other Prince George’s Delegates received promotions in the form of their committee assignments.

Ben Barns and Jay Walker for instance who currently serve as a members of the Judiciary and Ways and Means Committees will move to the more powerful Economic Matters Committee joining fellow Prince Georgian’s Chairman Derrick Davis, Aisha Braveboy, and Michael Vaughn.

Newly elected members of the House of Delegates from Prince George’s County Tiffany Alston and Geraldine Valentino-Smith will join the Judiciary Committee. Both of these freshmen are lawyers so naturally will be a good fit for the committee but Alston who is a criminal defense attorney could add to the drama that many victim rights advocates say has at times been unresponsive to victims of domestic violence and crime in general. Valentino-Smith must be pissed at being dispatched to the controversial and lest attractive committee after expressing throughout her campaign a desire to be on either Appropriations or Economic Matters.

Delegate Michael Summers from the 47th Legislative District another freshmen from Prince George’s County will join the Ways and Means Committee with his fellow delegate Jolene Ivey. Summers who was elected to replace Senator-elect Victor Ramirez works for the State’s Attorney’s Office but made education a center piece of his campaign should be happy with this placement that oversees most education spending in the state.

Prince George’s Delegates hold more leadership positions than any other county

We all know there has been a long debate about which county actually controls the most power in Annapolis. While Montgomery County actually has the largest delegation (by two), Prince George’s County actually has the most leadership positions in the House…by far as the numbers below will show. In fact with Herman Taylor’s decision not to run for another term they will actually lose a leadership role. Taylor was Chair of the Unemployment Sub-Committee. All of Prince George’s three new delegates are replacing members who did not hold any committee leadership roles. Delegate Victor Ramirez was a Deputy Majority Whip who is replaced by Michael Summers.

Number of Leadership Roles; PG- 6 MoCo- 4

Number of Committee and Sub-Committee Chairmanships; PG- 10 MoCo- 5

Number of Committee and Sub-Committee Vice Chairmanships; 2 Each

With the seating of the new House of Delegates next month and as members settle into their committees and subcommittees these numbers might change but it is not likely it will be by much. A full detailed breakdown is forthcoming.

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