Jerry Mathis to Face Election Law Violations in Court Tomorrow

Fmr. District 7 County Council candidate Jerry Mathis will appear in court tomorrow to face charges of violating election laws as a result of the 2010 Democratic Primary. Mathis who was defeated in that primary is accused of helping to put out a flier “sample” ballot using the images and names of many incumbent candidates without their permission while at the same time failing to properly disclose the source of the flier through a mandatory disclaimer. To help fight the charges Mathis sent out the below email to his supporters asking them to join him at the hearing tomorrow to fight the charges.

Jerry Mathis has pleaded innocent to the charges and is alleging Attorney General Doug Gansler (D) filed the charges to curry favor with State Senator C. Anthony Muse, a political foe of Mathis’. Gansler is rumored to be considering a run for governor in four years and in a primary battle that could also include Comptroller Peter Franchot and Lt. Governor Anthony Brown, also from Prince George’s,  and the support of Senator Muse would be very important. Both Muse and Gansler have denied any political motivates behind the charges and instead have insisted it was Mathis who broke the law and now he should pay.

Email from Jerry Mathis

On October 6, 2010 Attorney General Doug Gansler filed criminal charges against Jerry Mathis which included three (3) counts of violating election laws resulting from the 2010 primary election. There was much sensitization and accusations in the media of mail fraud, fraudulent ballots, fake ballots and other allegations against Citizens for Change, Charles Summers and Jerry Mathis. The politically orchestrated charges alleged that Jerry in collaboration with Citizens for Change failed to include the proper “by authority line” on the Citizens for Change campaign advertisement.

The real issue here is the non-Senator issued sample ballots such as the one circulated by Citizens for Change. The so-called fake ballot was seen by the political machine as an infringement on their presumptive right to be the only issuer of sample ballots which they utilize to control the vote and ultimately the election. In order to strongly discourage others from issuing sample ballots in the future, they must make an example out of Jerry Mathis. In fact, the outgoing State’s Attorney Glenn Ivey stated that someone must be punished.

The Bible reminds each of us that God’s word teaches that any Christian who attempts to do a good work will be persecuted and face opposition from the adversary. The system may have power, but I will prevail because the God I serve is greater than any adversary. We cannot allow one person to be the sacrificial lamb for the sake of us all.

The politically motivated attacks against me represents an attack against all the citizens of this county. The goal of the Democratic Political Machine is to discourage us and to destroy our desire for change. We must continue to face the trickery of our oppressors with the truth.

Truth is the root of the universe and its order, however, there must always be someone who is willing to sacrifice to tell it. I have committed himself never to compromise the truth and never to sell my soul.

This trial is not simply the State v. Jerry Mathis, this trial is about the extinction or the survival of a political system whose sole intent is to control the destiny of the people through the election process. The perpetuators of this system have made it abundantly clear that they intend to make an example of me to discourage anyone else from standing up against them. This trial with its politically motivated and fabricated charges of wrong doing is about good vs. evil, truth vs. lies, light vs. darkness and freedom vs. bondage. If I win, the people win, if the political system wins, the people lose.

The famous statesman, Edmond Burke, stated: “the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men and women to do nothing”. I’m asking each of you to stand up and join me in this battle to take back our country. There’s a proverb which states “a man of courage is a majority of one”. There is nothing that can’t be done, if we come together and raise our voice as one.

The issue is bigger than Jerry Mathis, the individual. You see, no one stands a chance of being elected to an office in Prince George’s County as long as the Senators control the sample ballots. I am committed to take on the system and expose their trickery and deceitful campaign tactics, and as a result I am being subjected to a malicious, vindictive and selective prosecution. This prosecution is designed to enact revenge and retribution against me for making a courageous stand, to expose a corrupt and controlling system. John Brown’s raid on Harpers Ferry was the spark that ignited the Civil War which ultimately was the catalyst for ending slavery. John Brown gave his life for a noble cause that was bigger than him.

I’m asking you to join with me and be the spark that ignites the war against a corrupt government, and to destroy slate politics. I implore you not to be too quick to embrace the new government, for to do so will lull you back to sleep. Show your support by attending the first hearing on Friday, December 10, 2010 at 8:30 am at the Prince George’s County Circuit Court, Room #M-2408. Parking is available at the Show Place Arena. Shuttle bus service every fifteen (15) minutes to the courthouse.

Yours in the struggle,


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